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Cynthia Lummis: "Bitcoin can be a salvation from rising inflation"

Senator from Wyoming Cynthia Lummis | U.S. Senator

U.S. Senator Cynthia Lummis expressed concerns about the national debt and rising inflation. She believes that in order to save their own funds, citizens should invest in Bitcoin. In a recent interview, Senator from Wyoming Cynthia Lummis (Cynthia Lummis) once again spoke in favor of the first cryptocurrency. According to her, Bitcoin can no longer be stopped – governments cannot simply confiscate cryptocurrencies, and this is the main advantage of digital assets. 

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Anthony Scaramucci confident in the imminent recovery of the market

Scaramucci-confident-in-the-imminent-recovery-of-the-market Anthony Scaramucci | Skybridge Capital founder

Skybridge Capital founder and managing partner Anthony Scaramucci is confident in the bullish scenario for major cryptocurrencies over the next two years. Anthony Scaramucci believes that the cryptocurrency market will soon begin to recover. 

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Adam Back continues to believe in $100,000 for Bitcoin by the end of the year

Adam-Back-100000-for-BTC Adam Back | CEO of Blockstream

Blockstream co-founder and CEO Adam Back still expects Bitcoin to reach $100,000 by the end of this year. Adam Back made his statement on the social network Twitter, in response to a message from cryptocurrency blogger Heidi Chakos. She wrote that during the next bull market, the price of Bitcoin could easily exceed $100,000. Back said he saw no reason why this should not happen by the end of the year. 

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Ryan Serhant: 50% of real estate transactions will be in cryptocurrencies

Ryan-Serhantf-real-estate-transactions-in-crypto Ryan Serhant | Star real estate agent, writer and TV personality

Star real estate agent, writer and TV personality Ryan Serhant has suggested that 50% of real estate transactions will be conducted using cryptocurrencies in the next five years. Ryan Serhant, host of Million Dollar Listing New York, who has sold over $ 1 billion in real estate, said there has been a "boom" in the virtual real estate market this year. 

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Economist at the London School of Economics: Bitcoin's growth will lead to a dystopia

John-Danielsson-Bitcoins-growth-will-lead-to-a-dystopia John Danielsson | The Economist at the London School of Economics

John Danielsson argues that Bitcoin's continued growth will cause serious inequality in society and lead to a dystopian future. An economist at one of London's leading universities said that if Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to rise in price, inequality in society will increase. Director of the Center for Systemic Risk at the London School of Economics, Jon Danielsson, published a column for the VoxEU Center for Economic and Policy Research titled "What Happens If Bitcoin Succeeds?"

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RBC Capital Markets: Apple needs to buy more BTC and develop a cryptocurrency exchange

Mitch-Steves-Apple-needs-to-buy-BTC Mitch Steves | RBC Capital Markets analyst

Analysts at investment bank RBC Capital Markets believe that after launching its own cryptocurrency exchange, Apple will be able to earn more than $ 40 billion a year.

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Raoul Pal: I sold all the gold to invest in BTC and ETH

Raoul-Pal-sold-all-the-gold-to-invest-in-BTC-and-ETH Raoul Pal | Global Macro Investor CEO

Global Macro Investor CEO Raoul Pal has placed an order to sell all of his gold to invest in BTC and ETH.

Raoul Pal announced this on Twitter and clarified that in addition to gold, there are some bonds and US dollars in his portfolio. The money received from the sale of gold, Pal is ready to invest in bitcoin and ether at a ratio of 80 to 20.

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Kraken report: correlation of BTC with the S&P 500 index grows, while with gold it falls

correlation-of-BTC-with-the-SP-500 Kraken report: correlation of BTC with the S&P 500 index grows, while with gold it falls

According to the latest report from the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange, a 31% drop in Bitcoin trading in June led to BTC's annual volatility reaching a six-month low.

According to Kraken in its report, June was the most unremarkable month on the Bitcoin trading market since February. The lack of activity on the market led to a decrease in trading volume on the exchange to a four-month low of $ 36.6 billion.

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Glassnode: percentage of inactive BTC peaked in four years

Glassnode-percentage-of-inactive-BTC Glassnode: percentage of inactive BTC peaked in four years

The share of inactive Bitcoins exceeded 60%. The largest increase in the number of inactive BTC since the beginning of the year is observed among coins purchased 10 years and 2-3 years ago.

According to Glassnode, 60.63% of all BTCs did not move for more than a year. These data indicate the consolidation of BTC ownership and that investors who bought cryptocurrency at the lowest prices in 2018 have not yet begun to profit from their investments. More than four years have passed since such a large percentage of outstanding BTC did not move for more than a year.

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WhatsApp users will be able to send BTC and LTC using a special bot

WhatsApp-users-will-be-able-to-send-BTC-and-LTC WhatsApp users will be able to send BTC and LTC using a special bot

The company Zulu Republic announced the launch of a new bot in the popular WhatsApp messenger, through which users can send and receive BTC and LTC.

The bot in the messenger works with the Lite.IM cryptocurrency platform and allows you to receive and send cryptocurrency, view transactions in the wallet, make settings and export the wallet.

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Bitrefill added the ability to pay for housing on Airbnb in cryptocurrency

Bitrefill-pay-for-housing-on-Airbnb-in-cryptocurrency Bitrefill added the ability to pay for housing on Airbnb in cryptocurrency

A cryptocurrency startup Bitrefill has added a service that allows users to pay their rent through the Airbnb service with five cryptocurrencies.

The Swedish company announced the innovations on its Twitter account, saying that customers can now pay for Airbnb gift cards at BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE and DASH. However, currently Airbnb gift cards can only be redeemed by US residents.

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Charlie Lee criticizes Bitcoin Cash for trying to be called "real" bitcoin


October 17, Bitcoin.com published a contradictory statement, which stated that it was Bitcoin Cash that should be called bitcoin. In response, leading industry experts, including the maker of lightcore, Charlie Lee (Charlie Lee), criticized such attempts. Bitcoin Cash was launched in early August from hard fork bitcoin, which supported several major mining pools, including ViaBTC and Bitmain. Since then, the support and demand for Bitcoin Cash has decreased significantly, which is noticeable in terms of the hash and market capitalization of the crypto currency.

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