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The EU intends to include ICO in the new rules of crowdfunding

ICO-NEWS--new-rules-of-crowdfunding Ashley Fox | Member of the European Parliament

The Committee of the European Parliament on Economic and Monetary Affairs has published a document, according to which it is proposed to create new rules for the primary placement of tokens (ICO).

Ashley Fox, a member of the European Parliament representing the UK, drafted a bill on the proposed regulation rules for European companies and operators of crowd-hosting platforms.

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Australian entrepreneur plans to open a crypto bank

ICO-NEWS-Australian-entrepreneur-plans-to-open-a-crypto-bank Fred Schebesta | Australian entrepreneur

One of the founders of, 26-year-old entrepreneur Fred Schebesta plans to open a cryptocurrency bank in Australia. In his opinion, interest in the cryptocurrency is growing in the country and very soon people will need an institution that can meet their needs in this area.

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Crypto-currencies are the embodiment of economic regression

ICO-NEWS-the-embodiment-of-economic-regression Paul Krugman | American economist, Nobel laureate

American economist, Nobel laureate, as well as ardent cryptocurrency skeptic Paul Krugman once again criticized the cryptocurrency and its supporters.

Krugman, who previously called Bitcoin "evil", said that the cryptocurrencies are the embodiment of economic regression that discards the financial system for 300 years ago. According to him, in Bitcoin, he is confused by two things: transactional costs and "no binding".

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Blockchain will solve problems of identification, financial integration and international trade

ICO-NEWS--Blockchain-will-solve-problems-of-identification Michelle Chivunga | Adviser to the British Blockchain Association

According to Michelle Chivunga, the regional adviser to the British Blockchain Association, international trade, identification and financial isolation are the main areas that can be improved with the help of blockchain technology.

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Donald Trump’s former adviser is going to create his own cryptocurrency

ICO-NEWS-Trumps-former-creates-cryptocurrency Steve Bannon | Donald Trump’s former adviser

During a lengthy interview at the Delivering Alpha conference in New York, former adviser to US President Donald Trump Steve Bannon said he owns Bitcoins and reminded him that he was working to create his own cryptocurrency.

"I like Bitcoin. I own Bitcoin," Bannon said at the conference, but he did not specify the amount of cryptocurrency he owns.Enter heading here...

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BitPay becomes the first crypto operator in the state of New York

ICO-NEWS-BitPay-becomes-the-first-crypto-operator-in-New-York Stephen Pair | Head of BitPay

The operator of crypto-payments, BitPay, became the eighth organization that received BitLicense from the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS). On Monday, the Department announced that it had conducted a "comprehensive review" of the company's compliance with the principles of combating money laundering and fraud, as well as its capitalization, consumer protection and cyber security policies, after which the BitPay application was approved.

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China intends to fight foreign ICOs that attract local investors

ICO-NEWS-China-intends-to-fight-foreign-ICOs Pan Gongsheng | Vice President of the People's Bank of China

Vice President of the People's Bank of China Pan Gongsheng during the meeting of the working group on financial transformation on the Internet recalled that the ICO and any other projects on attracting investments are still banned in China. Pan noted that after the ban in September 2017, many projects moved to jurisdictions more loyal to the cryptocurrencies industry, but they continue to attract Chinese investors.Enter heading here...

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Bitmex co-founder became the youngest British billionaire

ICO-NEWS-Bitmex-co-founder-became-the-youngest-British-billionaire Ben Delo | Co-founder of the Bitmex crypto exchange

British media reported that 34-year-old Ben Delo, co-founder of the Bitmex crypto-exchange, became the youngest British billionaire who succeeded on his own.

According to The Sunday Times article, in the final issue of Ben Dong College, according to the results of the vote, he was recognized as a student with the greatest chance of becoming a millionaire. In addition, within the same vote, he took second place among the most likely candidates for imprisonment based on his performance.

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Jeremy Allaire: interest of institutional investors in crypto-loans increased by 30%

interest-of-institutional-investors-in-crypto-loans-increased Jeremy Allaire | General director and Co-founder of Circle

This week, the cryptocurrency company Circle said that it noticed a significant surge in interest from institutional investors. According to Jeremy Allaire, general director and co-founder of Circle, despite the fact that in May the cryptocurrency markets were declining, last month the company saw a 30% surge in interest from institutional clients.

Since December 16, 2017, the currency and credit markets have fallen by more than 69%, and the last few months of 2018 the reins of government were certainly among the "bears." However, during this period many companies, such as Coinbase, Bitgo, Circle and others, opened the doors for institutional investors. This week, the company has seen an increased demand from institutional investors.

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