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Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and altcoin news have been making waves in popular news blogs, social media, and news agencies. These topics have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more people become interested in the world of digital currencies and decentralized systems.

One of the biggest stories in the world of crypto currency is the ongoing debate over the regulation of digital assets. While some countries have embraced crypto and are working to create regulatory frameworks to govern their use, others are more skeptical and have banned or restricted their use.

Another hot topic in the world of cryptocurrency is the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms. These platforms use blockchain technology to create financial services that are accessible to anyone with an internet connection, without the need for traditional financial intermediaries like banks. This has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about finance and create new opportunities for people around the world.

In the world of blockchain news, there have been several exciting developments in recent months. The most notable is the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are unique digital assets that can be bought, sold, and traded like traditional assets. NFTs have become popular in the art world, where they are being used to sell digital art and other creative works.

Another major development in the world of blockchain is the growing interest in using the technology for supply chain management. Blockchain can be used to create a transparent and secure record of every step in a product's journey from production to sale, which can help to reduce fraud, increase efficiency, and improve traceability.

Finally, in the world of ICO news, there have been several high-profile initial coin offerings (ICOs) in recent months. These fundraising events allow startups to raise money by selling newscrypto coin assets to investors, with the promise that those tokens will increase in value over time. However, ICOs have also been criticized for their lack of regulation and the potential for fraud.

  • Co-founder of Ripple Chris Larsen is on the Forbes 400 list
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Co-founder of Ripple Chris Larsen is on the Forbes 400 list

ICO-NEWS-Co-founder-of-Ripple-on-the-Forbes-list Chris Larsen | Co-founder of Ripple

Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen entered the Forbes 400 list this year. He was the 383rd among the richest people in the world in the opinion of the publication, and became the first who entered the list due to the state earned exclusively on cryptocurrencies.

Last week, Forbes released the new Forbes 400 list. Larsen's fortune is estimated at $ 2.1 billion, placing him at 383rd place. The leader of the ranking was Jeff Bezos, who earned $ 78.5 billion over the last year, who dismissed Bill Gates, who occupied the first place in the list for 24 years, from this position. In addition to Larsen, Drew Houston, CEO of Dropbox, made his debut in the rankings.

The rich are getting richer - in order to be included in the Forbes list this year, candidates had to have a fortune of at least $ 2.1 billion dollars - the highest minimum than ever before. The average net worth of participants in the ranking also increased by half a billion to $ 7.2 billion - also the highest figure in the entire history of the list.

Earlier in 2018, the Credit Suisse report said that one percent of the richest people in the world own more than half (50.1%) of the total world wealth, moreover, by 2030 this figure could increase to two-thirds.

Larsen owns 5.19 billion XRP tokens, as well as Ripple shares. In January last year, Forbes estimated Larsen's own capital at $ 37.3 billion. At that time, XRP was worth $ 2.39 dollars, but now its price is $ 0.47, which led to a decrease in the net worth of Larsen to $ 2.1 billion.

Thanks to Ripple, the state of its CEO Brad Garlinghouse in January was about $ 9.5 billion. However, due to the volatility of the XRP markets and cryptocurrency, its net worth fell below the threshold required to enter the Forbes 400 list.

Ripple can still increase both the state of Larsen and the Garlinghouse, as well as other XRP investors. The news about the launch of the Ripple xRapid cryptocurrency interbank system to ensure international payments pushed the XRP price up at the end of September. However, the news did not help to maintain the increase in the cost for a long time - soon the XRP price dropped to the current value.

In February 2018, Forbes published the Crypto Rich List, which has not yet been updated to reflect the fall in the market this year. Larsen ranked first on this list, followed by Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum and founder of ConsenSys. In third place was Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao. 

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