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How to create an Account

Being a Member of ICOLINK.COM Community you will have rights for FREE ICO Submission, creating groups and events, adding videos and comments, vouting and discussing...

To create an Account, click the button "REGISTER" on the TOP or navigate bottom Menu "COMMUNITY Registration Form". You will see the simple Registration Form. Fill the form or use one of the social buttons below. With this buttons you can make an Account on ICOLINK.COM using the existing Social account on Facebook, Twitter, Goole, LinkedIn or VKontakte. System provides this kind of Authentification under control of the Social Networks and all the Credentials (e-mail and password) will be processed by them. ICOLINK will get only the approvement from the mentioned Social Networks.

When you click the button "REGISTER", our system will show you the Notification that you have to ACTIVATE your Account with MAILBOX. Just open the e-mail from our system and follow the activation link. 

NOTE! Sometimes the system letters may be found in the SPAM BOX or in some special BOXES like SOCIAL etc.

After the registration you can LOG-IN to your Community Account with the entered credentials: USERNAME and PASSWORD. Being Logged-in you can use all the rights of Community Member, submit ICOs, post comments and reviews, add videos and images etc. 

NOTE! DO NOT FORGET to change the Avatar and Cover image on your Community Profile Page!


How to Edit Community Profile on ICOLINK.COM

When you have registered the Community Account on ICOLINK.COM, it is easy to edit the basic information, avatar and cover page...

How to Submit the ICO on ICOLINK.COM ICO LIST

For the FREE ICO Submission you have to be a Member of ICOLINK.COM Community. Just fill the Submission Form...