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TOP 100 ICO Marketing Agencies with Emails (Updated Sep 2021)


The market of the initial coin offerings (ICO) experienced a powerful rise in the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. The fall of the cryptocurrency market in November-December 2018 had a negative trend for the industry, but from 2019, the cryptocurrency community is waiting for an uptrend. On the other hand, the market has become more demanding. Access to ICO is fraught with increasing risks, which can be overcome with the help of professionalism and experience.

These two principles should underlie the choice among the TOP ICO Marketing agencies to promote the project.

Based on the analysis of the professional qualities and experience of the staff, an international ranking of the "Top 100 ICO marketing agencies with Emails" was compiled.

Updated on September 01, 2021


1 | NinjaPromo

Amazix ICO AgencyAmaZix strives for mainstream adoption of emerging technology, promoting innovators and advocating for best practices. Our mission is to help established brands step up to the next level, while building startups to become major actors in the space. It is a privilege for us to work daily alongside blockchain’s innovative teams and thinkers, while engaging with its diverse communities of users and adopters.  We believe that, as we build the projects of tomorrow, we are stronger together.

Agency Website: https://www.amazix.com/

Email:  contact@amazix.com


2 | Flexe.io

Flexe.io ICO AgencyFull-stack ICO / STO / IEO / crypto / blockchain marketing agency. №1 agency by Icoholder / Trackico / Moonrate. Top agency by Hackernoon / Softwareworld. $77MM raised. 40+ clients. Free trials. 2 years of experience. 8 experts in team. 20 fundraising services. 

Free tests for most of the services. Agency provides personal managers for ICO, STO and IEO projects.

Agency Website: https://flexe.io/

Email:   ico@flexe.io

3 | TokenGet

TokenGet ICO AgencyTokenGet is an advanced and secure ICO and STO turnkey platform, so you can focus on the marketing, promotion of the ICO/STO or finding investors. Our solution will save you huge overhead costs on managing an ICO that can be used on developing your product or pitching at events.

Agency Website: https://tokenget.com/

Email:   bizdev@tokenget.com

4 | ICObox

ICObox ICO AgencyThe top Russian marketing agency. The largest customers include INS (collected $ 60 million), Crypterium (fees amounted to $ 51 million), Saifu ($ 13 million of attracted investments). The founder of the agency, Nick Evdokimov, has been working in blockchain technology since 2011, mastering the industry long before it became mainstream. On his account holding more than 100 ICO, the total fees of which are about $ 650 million.

The agency team consists of 25 specialists in various fields, which provides a professional integrated approach to the preparation and promotion of the ICO projects.

Agency Website: https://icobox.io/

Email:   info@icobox.io

5 | Bitcoin Suisse

Bitcoin Suisse ICO AgencyA company specializing in managing cryptocurrency assets, and offering the creation and promotion of ICO projects.

Based in the Swiss Crypto Valley in Canton of Zug in 2013. Among the most high-profile clients are XTZ ($ 206 million of fees), Status ($ 100 million of investor funds), Ambrosus ($ 61 million of attracted investments), and the total fees of all ICOs are close to 1 billion francs (Swiss francs are almost equivalent to dollars). The founder of the agency, worked for 14 years as a software developer, then began to study the financial sector and in 2013 founded Bitcoin Suisse.

It is the ideological inspirer of the founding of Crypto Valleys in the canton of Zug. In 2016, he was included in the top 100 most influential Swiss bankers. Arthur Wailoyan, who now heads the company, has been working in the finance and investment sector for more than 25 years, and is the founder of Credit Suisse, the second largest bank in Switzerland.

Agency Website: https://www.bitcoinsuisse.ch/

Email:   inquiry@bitcoinsuisse.ch

6 | ethereumLab.tech

ethereumlab.tech Marketing ICO AgencyethereumLab.tech a Blockchain research and development center that specializes in creating back end software for our blockchain clients.

Agency offers a wide spectrum of services such as ICO consultancy, smart-contracts developing, legal advisement, payment gateways etc.

Agency Website: http://ethereumlab.tech/

Email:   info@ethereumlab.tech

7 | The Actual Group

The Actual GroupThe agency offers a complete package of the ICO project, including the technical, legal and marketing part. Among the clients are such giants as WAX ($ 80 million collected during the ICO), Enigma ($ 45 million), RCN ($ 37 million in fees). The founder is Stan Miroshnic. Stan began his career in a large banking holding Morgan Stanley, where he later became executive director.

In addition to banking, Miroshnik worked in the investment sector, and the total experience in the financial sector is 15 years. Co-founders Maria Khaustova, who is called the legend of the Russian cryptoindustry, Konstantin Antropov with 13 years of experience in asset management, and Kirsten Barnett, who specializes in investment and has worked as an advisor in more than 25 start-ups, also work for the agency team.

Agency Website: https://actualgroup.wpengine.com/

Email:   markets@actualgroup.io

8 | Priority Token

Priority Token ICO AgencyThe agency specializes in consulting, as well as the technical, financial and marketing part of promoting ICO, STO and IEO projects. The company is registered in the UK, and the agency has offices in Moscow, London, Seoul and Singapore. Among the largest customers are Faceter ($ 28.6 million investment), ModulTrade ($ 12.2 million) and Playkey ($ 10.5 million of raised funds). The total amount of attracted investments is about $ 120 million.

The founder of the agency, Victor Larionov, has been working in the field of venture financing for more than 15 years. Experience in the blockchain technology and ICO industry is more than two years. Larionov also runs a number of projects at the Skolkovo research center. Katerina Volkova, vice-president of the agency, graduated from Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, studied in Germany and France, receiving a master's degree in international management, a participant in numerous international conferences in the fields of business, politics and economics. Also, Arthur Boytsov, who has two higher educations, an engineer-technologist and an economist, works as a vice-president of the company.

Prior to joining the Priority Token team, Arthur worked in South Korea, Finland and the USA.

Agency Website: http://ptoken.io/

Email:   team@ptoken.io

9 | Blockchain Valley Ventures

Blockchain Valley Ventures ICO AgencySwiss ICO agency also engaged in venture investment projects. The list of the largest clients is headed by Smart Containers (15.4 million dollars), Modum (13.5 million dollars), Lykke ($ 8.9 million of attracted investments).

The founder of the agency, Heinrich Zetlmeier, has been working for more than 10 years in the field of consulting services. He is a co-founder of Management & Advisory Services Ltd. He was on the board of directors of Lykke, from which the history of the Blockchain Valley Ventures agency begins.

Agency Website: https://bvventures.ch

Email:   anna.rozwandowicz@bvventures.ch

10 | Crowd Create

Crowd Create ICO AgencyAmerican marketing agency, the fastest growing in the opinion of the publication Forbes. The most high-profile clients are Bezant ($ 27.5 million in fees), Bit Clave ($ 25.5 million in investments), Open Platform ($ 18 million in attracted funds).

Co-founder Jeffrey Maganis previously worked at PIMCO, one of the largest investment companies in the world, then was a trader in the Wall Street Hedge Fund, and the total experience in the field of finance and investment is more than 10 years. Jeffrey's partner, Ivan Kan, managed to work with the founder of Binance cryptobirth at Fusion Systems.

Agency Website: https://crowdcreate.us/

Email:   info@crowdcreate.us

11 | Vitor Services

Agency Website: http://vitor-services.company/     Email:   ceo@vitor-services.company


Agency Website: https://bzntm.com/     Email:   media@bzntm.com

13 | Belkin Marketing

Agency Website: https://belkinmarketing.com/     Email:   sales@belkinmarketing.com

14 | TokenPals

Agency Website: https://tokenpals.io/     Email:   pr@tokenpals.io

15 | WeRaise

Agency Website: https://weraise.pro/     Email:   info@weraise.pro

16 | 7Marketz

Agency Website: https://7marketz.com/    Email:   hello@7marketz.com

17 | ICODA

Agency Website: https://icoda.io/     Email:   post@icoda.io

18 | Digitalx

Agency Website: https://www.digitalx.com/    Email:   info@digitalx.com

19 | Coinounce

Agency Website: https://www.coinounce.com/     Email:   contact@coinounce.com

20 | GuerrillaBuzz

Agency Website: https://guerrillabuzz.com/     Email:   info@guerrillabuzz.com

21 | ICO Bulls

Agency Website: https://icobulls.io/     Email:   info@icobulls.io

22 | List a Token

Agency Website: https://listatoken.com/     Email:   partner@listatoken.com

23 | MAZEE

Agency Website: https://mazee.io/     Email:   info@mazeecommunity.com

24 | Ibcgroup

Agency Website: https://ibcgroup.io/     Email:   media@ibcgroup.io

25 | Alchemist

Agency Website: https://alchemist.com/     Email:   info@alchemist.com

26 | ICO-plan

Agency Website: http://ico-plan.ru/     Email:   hello@ico-plan.ru

27 | Hypergrowth Consulting

Agency Website: https://hypergrowth.consulting/     Email:   maz@hypergrowth.consulting

28 | MLG Blockchain

Agency Website: https://mlgblockchain.com/     Email:   sean@mlgblockchain.com

29 | Cryptonomos

Agency Website: https://cryptonomos.com/     Email:   marketing@cryptonomos.com

30 | Blockpulse

Agency Website: https://blockpulse.eu/     Email:   thibaut@blockpulse.eu

31 | Actual Group

Agency Website: https://actualgroup.wpengine.com/     Email:   press@wpengine.com

32 | AmbiSafe

Agency Website: https://ambisafe.com/     Email:   sales@ambisafe.com

33 | Melrose PR

Agency Website: https://www.melrosepr.com/     Email:   info@melrosepr.com

34 | Tge.company

Agency Website: https://www.tge.company/     Email:   relations@tge.company

35 | Zerion

Agency Website: https://zerion.io/en     Email:   sales@zerion.io

36 | ProjectICO

Agency Website: https://projectico.io/     Email:   mhyduchak@projectico.io

37 | Zynesis

Agency Website: https://zynesis.com/     Email:   collab@zynesis.com

38 | ICOadm.in

Agency Website: https://icoadm.in/     Email:   sales@icoadm.in

39 | ForkLog Consulting

Agency Website: https://forklog.consulting/     Email:   consulting@forklog.com

40 | Validity Labs

Agency Website: https://validitylabs.org/     Email:   info@validitylabs.org

41 | Audience Signal

Agency Website: http://audiencesignal.io/     Email:   contact@audiencesignal.io

42 | ICO Timeline

Agency Website: https://icotimeline.com/     Email:   hello@icotimeline.com

43 | Crowdcreate

Agency Website: https://crowdcreate.us/     Email:   ivank@crowdcreate.us

44 | Renowned and Co

Agency Website: https://www.renownedandco.com/     Email:   hello@renownedandco.com

45 | The Vanbex Group

Agency Website: https://vanbex.com/     Email:   linda@vanbex.com

46 | Icocrow

Agency Website: https://icocrow.com/     Email:   letstalk@icocrow.com

47 | Inxy.io

Agency Website: https://inxy.io/     Email:   contacts@inxy.io

48 | Blockrake

Agency Website: http://www.blockrake.com/     Email:   info@blockrake.com

49 | Blockchain mob

Agency Website: https://www.blockchainmob.com/     Email:   bizdev@blockchainmob.com

50 | Chaineum

Agency Website: https://www.chaineum.com/     Email:   hello@chaineum.com

51 | DLT Capital

Agency Website: https://dlt-capital.com/     Email:   hello@dlt-capital.com

52 | Searched

Agency Website: https://searched.io/     Email:   hello@searched.io

53 | Platinum

Agency Website: https://platinum.fund/sto/     Email:   hr@platinum.fund

54 | JCM CryptoPie

Agency Website: https://cryptopie.co.jp/     Email:   jcm@cryptopie.co.jp

55 | Cryptoland PR

Agency Website: https://cryptolandpr.com/     Email:   frances@cryptolandpr.com

56 | TokenMarket

Agency Website: https://tokenmarket.net/     Email:   marketing@tokenmarket.net

57 | Phenom

Agency Website: https://phenom.team/     Email:   alex@phenom.team

58 | BoomICO

Agency Website: https://boomico.io/     Email:   ads@boomico.io

59 | Papers.ch

Agency Website: https://papers.ch/de/     Email:   contact@papers.ch

60 | Applicature

Agency Website: https://applicature.com/     Email:   info@applicature.com

61 | Lime ICO

Agency Website: https://limeico.com/     Email:   hello@limeico.com

62 | Tokenasia

Agency Website: https://tokenasia.com/     Email:   hello@tokenasia.com

63 | Ninjapromo

Agency Website: https://ninjapromo.io/     Email:   vseslav@ninjapromo.io


Agency Website: http://cryptotrafficmarket.com/     Email:   cryptotrafficmarket@gmail.com

65 | ICODA

Agency Website: https://icoda.io/     Email:   post@icoda.io

66 | Blocketo

Agency Website: https://www.blocketo.com/     Email:   contact@blocketo.com

67 | Bloqchain Science

Agency Website: https://thebloqchain.com/     Email:   dean@thebloqchain.com

68 | TailorSwift

Agency Website: https://www.tailorswift.io/     Email:   sales@tailorswift.io

69 | Icolab

Agency Website: https://icolab.support/     Email:   info@icolab.support

70 | Coins.expert

Agency Website: http://coins.expert/     Email:   andrew@coins.expert

71 | CIF - Blockchain.Launchpad

Agency Website: https://www.cryptoimprovementfund.io/     Email:   media@cryptoimprovementfund.io

72 | ICO Allstars

Agency Website: https://www.icoallstars.com/     Email:   support@icoallstars.com

73 | SICOS

Agency Website: https://sicos.io/     Email:   ante@sicos.io

74 | Token Agency

Agency Website: https://tokenagency.com/     Email:   info@tokenagency.com

75 | Kaikoku

Agency Website: http://kaikoku.co.jp/     Email:   contact@kaikoku.co.jp

76 | Broctagon

Agency Website: https://broctagon.com/     Email:   info@broctagon.com

77 | Coinpoint

Agency Website: https://www.coinpoint.net/     Email:   media@coinpoint.net

78 | Coinlauncher

Agency Website: https://coinlauncher.io/     Email:   support@coinlauncher.io

79 | The ICO Marketing Group

Agency Website: https://icomgroup.net/     Email:   sales@icomgroup.net

80 | Cryptoken Media

Agency Website: https://cryptoken.media/     Email:   sales@cryptoken.media

81 | PowerLaunch

Agency Website: https://www.powerlaunch.io/     Email:   partners@powerlaunch.io

82 | ICO Light House

Agency Website: https://www.icolighthouse.com/en/     Email:   info@icolighthouse.com

83 | ICO Host

Agency Website: https://www.icohost.io/     Email:   info@icohost.io

84 | Tokyotechie

Agency Website: https://tokyotechie.com/     Email:   info@tokyotechie.com

85 | CryptoBoost

Agency Website: https://cryptoboost.io/     Email:   hello@cryptoboost.io

86 | ZenRevenue

Agency Website: https://www.zenrevenue.ca/     Email:   aaron@zenrevenue.ca

87 | Icomalta

Agency Website: https://icomalta.com/     Email:   info@icomalta.com

88 | ICO Producer

Agency Website: http://www.icoproducer.com/     Email:   sales@icoproducer.com

89 | Olshansky and partners

Agency Website: https://olshansky.org/     Email:   pr@olshansky.com.ua

90 | Principal Strategic

Agency Website: https://pstrategic.com/     Email:   info@pstrategic.com

91 | DNA - Digital Niche Agency

Agency Website: https://www.digitalnicheagency.com/     Email:   jfishman@digitalnicheagency.com

92 | Incryptico

Agency Website: https://incryptico.com/     Email:   info@incryptico.com

93 | Codezeros

Agency Website: https://www.codezeros.com/     Email:   sales@codezeros.com

94 | Icofunding

Agency Website: https://icofunding.com/     Email:   info@icofunding.com

95 | ICO Manager

Agency Website: https://icomanager.net/     Email:   info@icomanager.net

96 | Bounty Bull

Agency Website: https://www.bountybull.com/     Email:   info@bountybull.com

97 | Narwal

Agency Website: https://www.narwal-pr.com/     Email:   hello@narwal-pr.com

98 | Scala Blockchain

Agency Website: https://www.scalablockchain.com/     Email:   info@scalablockchain.com

99 | Blockchain Mind

Agency Website: https://blockchainmind.com/     Email:   info@blockchainmind.com

100 | KEY Difference

Agency Website: https://keydifferencemedia.com/     Email:   contact@keydifferencemedia.com


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