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All the ICO projects** rated by our experts* according to the following rating criteria: Concept of the ICO project, Workable, scalable business, Existing MVP, Team and Advisors, Token and Social Popularity. You can find some difference between this list and figures in Community reviews. It depends on the different criteria in our regular Community rating and exclude any possible manipulations from the publishers of ICO project pages.

Rating Criteria for ICO projects listed in TOP21:

Concept of the ICO project - all information presented on the ICO website and Whitepaper describing how the project will grow after receiving investments, the key details determined from the roadmap.

Workable, scalable business - companies that already have: product, established business processes, profit, open legal entity, well-established team, reputation in the market and share in it.

Existing MVP (minimally viable product) – presence of MVP or prototype helps to determine the analysis of compliance between MVP and the concept of the project.

Team and Advisors - the experience and reputation of the participants and advisors, their joint experience, and the truth of relationships with attorneys evaluated. Real Social accounts with history and activity.

Token – quality of the token as well as transparency of token distribution and allocation. Social Popularity - based on the activity on social networks, instant messengers, forums, and mass media.

* You can find some difference between this list and figures in Community reviews. It depends on the different criteria in our regular Community rating and exclude any possible manipulations from the publishers of ICO project pages.

** Any of NEW SUBMITTED ICOs can be included to this TOP 21 list and replace one of published if our Experts will make a decision

We offer for you the list of TOP 21 most popular pages of Ongoing and Upcoming ICO Projects, published by ICOLINK Community Members:

ICO AvataGo image in the list


Machine Learning and AI
AvataGo is the Metaverse World for AR Friends of Artificial Intelligence. The platform would offer AI AR avatar solution for the PET, Friends and AR
ICO Nexus image in the list


Project NEXUS, the once-in-a-lifetime leap that Traditional Finance needs, utilizing blockchain technology. Two of the largest markets, the Real Est..


Energy and Utilities
C+Charge Mission is to change the world with blockchain technology C+Charge aims to democratize the carbon credit industry by enabling EV ...
ICO EPNOC image in the list


EPNOC is arising as a holistic financial ecosystem catering to the needs of every investor or user in the extremely volatile digital realm.
ICO SkeinCurrency image in the list
SkeinCurrency is preparing to become a digital stock of the MosaicChain project support company. MosaicChain is a project for the digital transform...


Gaming and VR
RobotEra building a sandbox-like planet-rebuilding metaverse. You will become a robot, managing your own land and participating in the ...
ICO MINER FARM image in the list


MINER FARM smart contract generates 4.5-50.5% dividends per day based on your investment and distribute your dividends to your balance.
ICO Coinsfee image in the list


CoinsFee is a utility token that will power FastCoin Exchange, it was developed using BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with high transaction capacity
ICO Wetux image in the list


Trading and Investing
Wetux is working on an open liquidity framework that truly embraces the decentralization philosophy for the neo-economy of Web 3.0 .
ICO AFKDAO image in the list


AFKDAO — The first-ever NFT bank based on its own ERC-4610 protocol. Stake, Lend, & Earn with your game NFTs. AFKDAO is a decentralized protocol that ...
ICO The Orderbook DEX image in the list
THE ORDERBOOK DEX is a platform which enables the development of fully decentralized exchanges with orderbook functionality that work on the Ethereum

Fight Out

FightOut is a move-2-earn fitness app and gym chain that gamifies the fitness lifestyle. Users are rewarded for completing workouts and challenges ...
ICO BATTLE INFINITY image in the list
Gambling and Betting
Battle Infinity is a gaming platform with multiple P2E battle games which is integrated with the metaverse world and is named 'The Battle Arena'.
ICO Lucky penny image in the list
Lucky penny is a cryptocurrency you can own in your digital wallet. You can own it to bring you luck.
ICO Florester image in the list


Smart Contracts
Climate Change in our world becomes moreimportant every day. We at FLOR join the causeand develop solutions to help fight climate changewith the ...
ICO Cecil Network image in the list
CECIL Network is built and designed to provide a decentralised crypto-backed platform for gig workers and short-service providers. The platform ...
ICO WeSendit image in the list


Data Analytics
We protect your privacy with decentralized solutions for file sharing and cloud storage networks. The most successful companies and 3 million ...
ICO Crypto 4 A Cause  image in the list
Hi ! We are C4C an ERC20 token on the Matic/BSC chain. C4C use cases are to supply fuel for the Crypto 4 A Cause Fund ecosystem, and the development a
ICO Decarbonice image in the list


Energy and Utilities
Decarbonice revolutionizes the gigantic global energy markets with its disruptive model that allows every household and business to produce their ...
ICO Exo Fortune image in the list
EXO Fortune Token is the native BEP-20 Token that fuels the entire EFT ecosystem. It acts as both a "Utility and EXO Governance" Token.
ICO Ghost Protocol image in the list
Ghost Protocol Token (GPT) focuses on decentralized adoption of cryptocurrencies. through community-driven projects, the team believes that GPT is ...

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