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The ICO listing is a directory which contains ICO files with the brief information about the actual Initial Coin Offerings (ICO): short descriptions, ICO images, starting and ending dates, links to ICO websites and Whitepapers, as well as ICO ratings and reviews.


What is the ICOLINK ICO Listing?


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For ICO Submission you dont need to be a Member of ICOLINK.COM Community. But if you will decide to edit ICO page better to create a community account. Only ICO creator has rights to use the ICO editor. Click the menu button "SUBMIT ICO FREE" (Being Logged-IN) and Fill the Submission Form. Full instruction you can find here: How to Submit and Edit Page?


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Who can make the ICO review?

Any Community Member has rights to review ICO in the list. These reviews are not the expert rates, but only advises for Developers about main things need tuning in their website presentations for contributors.


 What is the ICO rating means here?

As it mentioned above, all the reviews made by our Community Members. All the ratings (Like TOP 21 Upcoming and Ongoing ICO for example) made by our experts and advisors.


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No, you cannot review Pages published by yourself. But there is no any way to control if you do it from the other account, registered in Community.


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ICO (meaning) (Initial Coin Offering) is a fundraising project, regulating brand new cryptocurrency sales for fiat or other cryptocurrency. Project that attracts funds creates its own tokens. You transfer money to this company and in return receive this new cryptocurrency, which carries some kind of commitment. Tokens used as coins. Tokens developed by application of BLOCKCHAIN system.


STO (meaning) (Security Token Offering) is a new form of investing blockchain projects by offering token securities. Unlike tokens, possession of token securities gives owners all the rights specific to owning ordinary securities. Tokens do not grant any rights. Therefore, token securities (or security tokens) are a category of security tokens that qualify for such an asset. To determine if a token is a stock you can use the "Howey" test.


IEO (meaning) (Initial Exchange Offering), as its name implies, conducted on the cryptocurrency exchange platform. Unlike Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), IEO managed by the exchange on behalf of a startup that is trying to raise funds with its recently issued tokens.


What cryptocurrency is?

By the definition of Investopedia, Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that is secured by cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend.


STAGES of the project:

The procedure usually has several stages:

Preliminary announce.

Founders of the start-up propose the public ingenious idea in global terms. At preliminary phase, this idea described only on paper or only in the minds of a startup team. The level of investor interests in the project is “felt”. Announcements are held in electronic media, social networks, as well as in the form of conferences. There is a dispute between contributors and authors of the idea.


This is a proposal for contribution. Despite the freedom of an ICO from any regulation, it must be attached to legal entity. The time range for the idea implementation, amount of money for project development, description of tokens emission. To do this, start-up usually creates a separate website with full information.

Marketing campaign

When almost everything is ready for the beginning, an advertising campaign starts. In contrast to the preliminary announcement, here a startup can already tell more about its product / service disclose investment conditions, goals, and technical details. Various channels are used for advertising: ICO Lists and directories, electronic media, social networks, presentations, thematic portals.

Sale stage

A beginning of sale called Start. Start-up suggests investors to buy tokens inside project website and later, tokens will be placed on public cryptocurrency exchanges. Listing of the token on Stock Exchange considered to be a kind of quality signs of their project. Developers offer for you an exclusive idea and announce conditions of investment. If the project succeeds, you receive dividends. However, ICO not regulated by anyone and is not always connected with blockchain technology or cryptocurrency. Most of the projects use smart contracts of the Ethereum platform and investing occurs in ETH, less often in other cryptocurrencies, even less often in regular cash. The exhaust from the token investment may be up to 10000 times of initial investment.


Find more information about ICO in our blog: 




Be careful with participation in ICO projects, listed on the website, do not accept all statements of start-ups on faith, independently research the work of the company and trust your intuition. Avoid ICO scams!


All the information on the ICO List only for informational purposes and is not a recommendation for participation in a particular Project or Crowdfunding Campaign!


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Featured ICOs
Promotion Featured ICO
Display your ICO in the "FEATURED ICOs" module (on the Frontpage and All other pages of ICO LIST) and in the ICO list in a standard box with a special


Machine Learning and AI
AvataGo is the Metaverse World for AR Friends of Artificial Intelligence. The platform would offer AI AR avatar solution for the PET, Friends and AR

Urust Global

Urust Global builds upon the Decentralised Identity mechanisms to provide each user with a consolidated ID which she can use to login to any Services


Gaming and VR
Tamadoge is the currency at the centre of the Tamaverse, allowing you to create, breed, care for and battle your Tamadoge pets. This is a memecoin ...

ICO recently submitted to the List:

ICO Laka image in the list NEW


Gaming and VR
Laka an Entrance Gateway to the Blockchain WorldAn integrated metaverse complex offering beneficial services and technologies including Defi, Gamefi
ICO DUTY image in the list NEW


Duty Exchange is an all in one Multichain cryptocurrency ecosystem, which will initially launch its own currency on the Binance blockchain in the ...

Urust Global

Urust Global builds upon the Decentralised Identity mechanisms to provide each user with a consolidated ID which she can use to login to any Services
ICO DALMATIAN image in the list NEW


Energy and Utilities
Dalmatian Coin Protocol aims to solve the problems of prior cryptocurrencies including mining rewards, farming rewards, and liquidity provisioning.
ICO Triple X image in the list NEW

Triple X

Trading and Investing
The Triple x token was developed with a vision and purpose to serve members who choose to join the journey of building wealth and to connect with ...
ICO Yellow Rock Finance image in the list
Yellow Rock Finance is the first project managing funds/vaults which will invest in selected coins and stake/farm them on farms or directly on chain.
ICO Animal Nation image in the list

Animal Nation

Private Sale
Machine Learning and AI
AnimalNationTK is an application that will give you the possibility to secure your pet into the blockchain thanks to our advanced technology of animal
ICO SHIBORN image in the list


Energy and Utilities
SHIBORNN - Japanese Shiba that will take over the Shiba world. We have everything we need to get to the next level. Join us on an adventure to the ...
ICO Heroverse image in the list


HeroVerse is a passionate community builders connecting NFT & DEFI in one space.A Next generation of decentralized platform for crypto economy.
ICO SweetFanta image in the list


Private Sale
Social Network
Sweet Fanta AutoBoost is a one of a kind function that has been built into our contract. Some are familiar with buy back tokens, our token is not just


Machine Learning and AI
AvataGo is the Metaverse World for AR Friends of Artificial Intelligence. The platform would offer AI AR avatar solution for the PET, Friends and AR
ICO PIA image in the list


Data Storage
Public internet service Leverages blockchain technology to provide access to low-cost, high-performance Wi-Fi solutions. Our Wi-Fi hotspot will be ...
ICO INFLUENCIO image in the list


The heart of Influencio is all about recovering content sharing and reclaiming it from large corporations, decentralising and redistributing the power
ICO TheCrypto ooo image in the list
TheCrypto.ooo a decentralized derivatives trading protocol. Through "off-chain matching + on-chain settlement" model, TCOOO achieves high transaction
ICO ABC 1x1 image in the list

ABC 1x1

Gaming and VR
ABC 1×1 Basketball League is a platform that unites all basketball players who want to compete and improve playing one on one. It is a place where ... ...

Most Popular Ongoing ICO

ICO Brickken image in the list


Trading and Investing
Brickken is creating a dApp (decentralized application) that provides the tools needed for individuals and businesses to issue their own Security ...

Most Popular Upcoming ICO

ICO PUNCHWORD image in the list


Content Management
Punchword is the new app that will entirely change the way the social media industry operates. Born from the Web 3.0 philosophy, the app’s aim is ... ...

New Press Release

Metaverse is undoubtedly becoming part of everyone's future. While this is exciting, it does raise a philosophical quest...

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