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ICO - a fundraising project, regulating brand new cryptocurrency sales for fiat or other cryptocurrency. Project that attracts funds creates its own tokens. You transfer money to this company and in return receive this new cryptocurrency, which carries some kind of commitment. Tokens used as coins. Tokens developed by application of BLOCKCHAIN system.

STO is a new form of investing blockchain projects by offering token securities. Unlike tokens, possession of token securities gives owners all the rights specific to owning ordinary securities. Tokens do not grant any rights. Therefore, token securities (or security tokens) are a category of security tokens that qualify for such an asset. To determine if a token is a stock you can use the "Howey" test.


STAGES OF the Initial Coin Offering:

The procedure usually has several stages:

Preliminary announce.

Founders of the start-up propose the public ingenious idea in global terms. At preliminary phase, this idea described only on paper or only in the minds of a startup team. The level of investor interests in the project is “felt”. Announcements are held in electronic media, social networks, as well as in the form of conferences. There is a dispute between contributors and authors of the idea.


This is a proposal for contribution. Despite the freedom of an ICO from any regulation, it must be attached to legal entity. The time range for the idea implementation, amount of money for project development, description of tokens emission. To do this, start-up usually creates a separate website with full information.

Marketing campaign

When almost everything is ready for the beginning, an advertising campaign starts. In contrast to the preliminary announcement, here a startup can already tell more about its product / service disclose investment conditions, goals, and technical details. Various channels are used for advertising: ICO Lists and directories, electronic media, social networks, presentations, thematic portals.

Sale stage

A beginning of sale called Start. Start-up suggests investors to buy tokens inside project website and later, tokens will be placed on public cryptocurrency exchanges. Listing of the token on Stock Exchange considered to be a kind of quality signs of their project. Developers offer for you an exclusive idea and announce conditions of investment. If the project succeeds, you receive dividends. However, ICO not regulated by anyone and is not always connected with blockchain technology or cryptocurrency. Most of the projects use smart contracts of the Ethereum platform and investing occurs in ETH, less often in other cryptocurrencies, even less often in regular cash. The exhaust from the token investment may be up to 10000 times of initial investment.




ICO List - web platform, containing updated listing with information about upcoming and active projects with short descriptions, links and sometimes videos. Most of the popular ICO lists rate the projects and publish the reviews.

Airdrop is a free distribution of tokens for performing some small task (subscribe to an account, make a post, etc.).

Blockchain is a database consisting of a continuous chain of consecutive linked blocks, where each successive block depends on the previous one. Block contains a timestamp and a link to the previous block. Blockchain concept invented by Satoshi Nakamoto and used in 2009 as a base of Bitcoin. Where the blockchain played the role of the main general registry for all operations.

Bounty is an opportunity to collect tokens of the project at the beginning of the ICO with no investment. The scheme is very easy. At the stage of creating a start-up, some part of the tokens is reserved and goes to marketing. Then, at a certain time, you are charged, and then payments made when the sale ended.

Crowdsale is the essential stage in the coin sales, that is, the ICO itself. It done by start-ups themselves to increase authority of their project. Tokens sale usually take place on the domestic level via the start-up platform.

Mining is the process of cryptocurrency mining. A distributed system confirming pending transactions by including them in a blockchain. Mining provides a chronological order of transactions in the blockchain, network neutrality, and allows different computers to "agree" on a single system state. In order to confirm transactions, they must be packaged in a unit that meets strict cryptography requirements and must be verified by the network. These rules do not allow changing the previous block, so in this case all the following blocks would be invalid. In addition to this, mining creates an analogue of the lottery, which excludes the possibility of simply sequentially adding blocks to a chain by any user. Thus, no one can control a blockchain or replace parts of it with others to roll back their transactions.

ICO review is the opinion of an expert or a community member reflecting an assessment of the main criteria for the quality of a proposed project. In most cases, several key factors are taken into account in the ICO reviews: the main idea of the project, the level of the team and consultants, whitepaper, and the quality of the presentation of the project for investors (website, presentations, etc.)

WhitePaper is a document, which contains full project description. It describes the essence of idea and how innovative and promising is the project. It describes a niche and other important aspects that might interest a potential investor are considered. This is a kind of document, after reading which, a person understands whole idea and essence of the project.




Be careful with participation in ICO projects, listed on the website, do not accept all statements of start-ups on faith, independently research the work of the company and trust your intuition.


All the information on the ICO List only for informational purposes and is not a recommendation for participation in a particular Project or Crowdfunding Campaign!


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Gambling & Betting
BITPARADISE (BPD) is a new, innovative form of cryptographic exchange station based on game meta. the Exchange transactions revenue utilized 100%
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ALCEDO is a German based company and offer a completed global eco-system even before the start of the ICO. The first Alcedo-Point in Germany did ...
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AERUM is a blockchain platform that is reliable, fast, and free for the end user. The project is aiming to resolve the two crucial issues described...


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PIMONCOIN is a token, based on the Ethereum Blockchain for Payments and Investments. It also allows its owners to invest their funds by lending ...
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Pcore is a P2P (peer to peer) invoice discounting platform integrated in the blockchain technology, with the aim to combine transparency, trust ...
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WINGS MOBILE is a mobile network operator, a software developer and, and since 2017 a producer of electronic products. Thanks to these three business
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Machine Learning & AI
MindSync is a platform and a global community of AI/ML experts so that businesses of all kinds and sizes may benefit from world class talent on a ...
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Machine Learning & AI
MIGRANET is the world's first AI blockchain migration platform. MIGRANET presents a one-stop solution to migrants and accredited migration practition
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BINCOIN has taken the initiative of exploring the applicability of the blockchain to the Banking and Financial Industry. BINCOIN is the Bank ...
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YPTOspace takes what are currently separate services – bank accounts, online casinos, exchanges, trading, investment and so on – and unifies them
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Social Network
SESSIA project team has developed a unique iOS and Android software that eliminates the technological debt issue of many companies in less than ...
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OilWellCoin (https://oilwellcoin.io/) is the first project in the world aimed at solving the problem of financing and developing the oil industry ...

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