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Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse: XRP plans to move from the USA

 Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said that if the company loses the lawsuit with the SEC, it may move from the United States. Garlinghouse plans to open an office in Toronto. At the end of last year, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against Ripple, accusing the company of illegally conducting an ICO for $ 1.3 billion. The regulator claims that XRP is a security, and the parties still cannot come to an agreement. At the Collision conference in Toronto, Brad Garlinghouse said that if the court rules in favor of the SEC, it will not affect the crypto industry in any way, and the company will simply move to another jurisdiction.

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Binance transferred Bitcoins for $ 1.26 billion with a commission of $ 124.6

Binance-transferred-Bitcoins-for--1-26-billion Binance transferred Bitcoins for $ 1.26 billion with a commission of $ 124.6

The largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance has transferred Bitcoins worth $ 1.26 billion from one wallet to another. The amount of commissions was only $ 124.6.

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Research: almost 47% of users prefer Bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies

47-of-users-prefer-Bitcoin Research: almost 47% of users prefer Bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies

According to a study conducted by the Value Walk news website, 46.7% of users prefer to invest in Bitcoin, rather than other cryptocurrencies.

As part of the survey, respondents were asked a few questions. When answering the question "What is your favorite coin?" 46.7% chose Bitcoin, 31.4% - Ethereum, and 21% - Ripple.

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Jamie Dimon: “Over time, JPM Coin will be available for a wide number of consumers.”

Jamie-Dimon-JPM-Coin-will-be-available-for-consumers Jamie Dimon | Head of JPMorgan

The head of JPMorgan, Jamie Dimon, said that JPM Coin, which was recently announced by the bank, will become available to the general consumer.

"JP Morgan Coin could be internal, could be commercial, it could one day be consumer," Dimon quotes the CNBC.

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Weiss Ratings: in 2019, the price of Bitcoin will reach a record maximum

Weiss-Ratings-Bitcoin-will-reach-a-record-maximum Weiss Ratings: in 2019, the price of Bitcoin will reach a record maximum

With the advent of the New Year, a large number of forecasts regarding cryptocurrency rates appeared. Last year, many forecasts did not take into account the "bearish" trend, which dominated the market throughout 2018 and led to a fall in Bitcoin price by more than 80%. The beginning of this year was marked by the forecast rate of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, published by the independent agency Weiss Ratings.

According to the Weiss Ratings forecast, 2019 foreshadows the growth of Bitcoin popularity. The international rating agency expects that more and more people will consider cryptocurrency as a store of value, and Bitcoin will finally become stronger in its status of digital gold.

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Ripple CEO: regulation will help the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain

ICO-NEWS-adoption-of-cryptocurrency-and-blockchain Brad Garlinghouse | Ripple CEO

At a meeting with the Deputy General Counsel of the International Monetary Fund Ross Leckow, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse expressed the opinion that universal regulation would spur Bitcoin and blockchain adoption. The meeting was held as part of the Fintech Festival in Singapore.

"Regulatory clarity has a huge ability to drive digital asset and blockchain adoption. It is surprising how many markets still have uncertainty," said Garlinghouse.Enter heading here...

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Nigel Green: Ripple and Ethereum will surpass Bitcoin

ICO-NEWS-Ripple-and-Ethereum-will-surpass-Bitcoin Nigel Green | Head of deVere Group

The head of deVere Group, Nigel Green believes that in the coming years, the superiority of Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency market will significantly decrease. However, this will not prevent the first cryptocurrency to grow by another 5000%.

Green, however, recognizes the merits of Bitcoin and the revolution accomplished by this cryptocurrency, but believes that new technologies and cryptocurrencies will surpass the progenitor in time.

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Co-founder of Ripple Chris Larsen is on the Forbes 400 list

ICO-NEWS-Co-founder-of-Ripple-on-the-Forbes-list Chris Larsen | Co-founder of Ripple

Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen entered the Forbes 400 list this year. He was the 383rd among the richest people in the world in the opinion of the publication, and became the first who entered the list due to the state earned exclusively on cryptocurrencies.

Last week, Forbes released the new Forbes 400 list. Larsen's fortune is estimated at $ 2.1 billion, placing him at 383rd place. The leader of the ranking was Jeff Bezos, who earned $ 78.5 billion over the last year, who dismissed Bill Gates, who occupied the first place in the list for 24 years, from this position. In addition to Larsen, Drew Houston, CEO of Dropbox, made his debut in the rankings.

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Forbes published a rating of cryptocurrency billionaires


Forbes magazine published a rating of billionaires, which multiplied their capital due to virtual currency. Americans are in the lead on this list. On the first line is co-founder of the third most popular cryptocurrency Ripple, former CEO of Chris Larsen with a fortune of 7.5-8 billion dollars. The volume of Ripple's capitalization reaches $ 29 billion. In the monitoring, Forbes experts analyze Larsen's own cryptocurrency state with a 17% stake in Ripple.

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British expert: before crashing, the price of Bitcoin will reach $ 20,000


London financial expert, CEO of NEX Group, Michael Spencer, was among those financiers who consider Bitcoin a bubble. Nevertheless, he believes that the price of Bitcoin will reach $ 20,000, and only after that, it will sharply go down. In an interview with Guy Johnson on Bloomberg TV in London, Spencer said he had no idea if the Bitcoin price would double before it halved, but noted that the $ 20,000 level could be reached "damn fast." Johnson called the growth of Bitcoin, which exceeded the $ 11,000 mark last Wednesday, "irrational."

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American Express launched instant payments with Ripple technology


The American operator of payment cards American Express in cooperation with the Spanish bank Santander UK, launched a new payment corridor between the US and the UK using the distributed network Ripple. RippleNet technology has enabled AmEx customers located in the United States and using US dollars to connect with Santander bank customers in the UK using British pounds sterling.

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