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Huobi: the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency will grow in April


The daughter of the former Huobi-exchange Huobi Research - conducted a survey among 2000 people from 23 different countries to understand the general mood in the cryptocurrency market. The results of the survey showed that almost 78% of respondents believe in the future growth of the value of most cryptocurrency in the next three years. Despite the sharp collapse of the market in early 2018, more than half of respondents are convinced that the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency will grow in April. Only 26% of respondents believe that it will continue to decline in the next month.

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More than 500,000 blocks are produced in the Bitcoin network


Yesterday the Bitcoin network marked another "anniversary" figure. This time it was not the value of the course or any important date. On December 18, a block numbered 500,000 appeared in the blockchain. This event does not bear any technical or fundamental consequences. However, this coincided with the fact that the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market increased by another $ 100 billion and now amounts to more than $ 600 billion.

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