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Pantera Capital is a venture capital firm specializing in investments in blockchain technology and digital assets. Founded in 2013 by Dan Morehead, Pantera Capital is one of the earliest and most prominent investment firms dedicated to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. The firm manages multiple funds focused on different aspects of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, including early-stage investments in blockchain startups, cryptocurrency trading, and digital asset funds. Pantera Capital's investment portfolio includes a diverse range of projects spanning decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain infrastructure, and more. Pantera Capital is known for its strategic approach to investing in the cryptocurrency industry, leveraging its expertise, network, and experience to identify promising opportunities and support the growth of innovative blockchain projects. The firm's team consists of seasoned professionals with backgrounds in finance, technology, and entrepreneurship, providing valuable insights and guidance to portfolio companies. In addition to its investment activities, Pantera Capital is actively involved in the cryptocurrency community, participating in industry events, conferences, and educational initiatives. The firm is committed to advancing the adoption and understanding of blockchain technology and digital assets, contributing to the overall growth and development of the ecosystem. Overall, Pantera Capital plays a significant role in shaping the future of the cryptocurrency industry, providing capital, expertise, and support to innovative projects and entrepreneurs. With its track record of successful investments and its deep understanding of the blockchain space, Pantera Capital remains a trusted and influential player in the digital asset ecosystem.

Dan Morehead: Expect a strong rise in the crypto market over the next two years

Dan Morehead Expect a strong rise in the crypto market Dan Morehead - the founder of Pantera Capital

Dan Morehead Anticipates Major Crypto Market Surge in Upcoming Years

Jay Clayton Advocates for the Merits of Cryptoassets and Stablecoins

Jay-Clayton-Cryptoassets-and-Stablecoins Jay Clayton - the former Chair of the SEC

Jay Clayton Advocates for the Legitimate Uses of Cryptoassets and Stablecoins: A Deep Dive into Regulation

Dan Morehead: The bearish cycle in the crypto market ended

Dan-Morehead-the-bearish-cycle-ended Dan Morehead - The CEO of Pantera Capital

The End of the Bearish Trend: Bitcoin Enters a New Bullish Cycle, Says Pantera Capital CEO

Dan Morehead: The crypto market has passed the peak of the crisis and will soon reach the bottom

Dan-Morehead-The-crypto-market-has-passed-the-peak Dan Morehead - CEO of the Pantera Capital

Crypto Market Close to the End of the Crisis, Says Pantera Capital CEO

Gary Gensler comments on the launch of the first Bitcoin futures ETF

Gary Gensler comments on the launch of the first Bitcoin futures ETF Gary Gensler - The chairman of the SEC

Gary Gensler, Chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, explained why the agency approved the launch of an ETF on BTC futures, rather than a direct exchange-traded fund for cryptocurrencies. 

Dan Morehead: Ethereum May Beat Bitcoin with ETH 2.0 Release

Dan-Morehead-Ethereum-May-Beat-Bitcoin Dan Morehead | Pantera Capital CEO

Pantera Capital CEO Dan Morehead believes that the launch of the second version of Ethereum will help ETH surpass BTC and become the largest cryptocurrency. According to a Reuters publication citing Dan Morehead's speech at the Reuters Global Markets Forum, the CEO of Pantera Capital believes that ETH has the potential to surpass BTC and become the largest cryptocurrency. 

Dan Morehead: Bitcoin will reach $ 42,000 by the end of the year

Dan-Morehead-Bitcoin-will-reach--42000 Dan Morehead | CEO of Pantera Capital

According to the CEO of Pantera Capital investment company Dan Morehead, by the end of the year the rate of the first cryptocurrency could reach $ 42,000.

Speaking in the podcast Morehead said that his company adheres to the views of analysts who talk about the growth of Bitcoin, based on the trend lines. He also noted that the price of the first cryptocurrency may well exceed the mark of $ 350,000 by 2021.

Pantera Capital: Bitcoin will exceed the previous record mark of $ 20,000


Pantera Capital Management, one of the leading investors in the cryptocurrency industry, expressed a "firm belief" that Bitcoin had found its bottom mark. The fund assumes that the price of $ 6,500 will be the lowest indicator of the current bear market, and also predicts that the markets are likely to reach new record highs within 12 months. About this Pantera Capital, an investment company operating exclusively in the industry of cryptocurrency and blockchain, said in a letter published on the website Medium. Pantera refers to a number of factors, explaining prediction.

Analysts predict the recovery of the cryptocurrency market


The founder and head of investment company Pantera Capital, Dan Morehead, made a very optimistic statement about the Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in general. Speaking in the Fast Money program on CNBC, Morehead said that the events taking place on the market should not be considered catastrophic. According to historical data, the drop in the rate of Bitcoin does not contradict an absolutely normal scenario, and in addition, the financier expects a change in the market trend in the near future.

Pantera Capital: next week the price of Bitcoin will drop by 50%


Dan Morehead, a Cryptocurrency investor, president and founder of Pantera Capital, told CNBC that next week, that is, the last week before the New Year, the price of Bitcoin could drop 50% to its lowest level since early November. This statement looks a bit strange on the background of the recent news that the company's hedge fund, Pantera Bitcoin, owns a record profit of 25,004%! Perhaps, after fixing such an excellent result, the company wants to repeat the success, for which it would be extremely useful for a temporary collapse of the Cryptocurrency? Later Morehead added that eventually Bitcoin would far exceed its current value.

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