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Jackson Palmer: institutional investors will turn crypto into Wall Street 2.0

NEWS-Jackson-Palmer-crypto-into-Wall-Street-2.0 Jackson Palmer | Dogecoin Creator

The creator of Dogecoin, Jackson Palmer expressed concern about the arrival of institutional investors in the cryptocurrency industry. In his opinion, such a development of events could turn a decentralized ecosystem into "Wall Street 2.0".

"This is why I never understand people getting excited about ETFs, Bakkt, etc. Goodbye to decentralized peer-to-peer cash. Hello to Wall Street 2.0." Palmer tweets.

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Brendan Bernstein: BTC isn't a bubble - it's a response to the very real bubbles...


The founder of the hedge fund Tetras Capital and former economist of Goldman Sachs Bank Brendan Bernstein argues that Bitcoin will help to burst the bubble of traditional finance. In a tweet on April 10, Bernstein supported the position of Bitcoin Foundation director Jon Matonis, who disagreed with the statements that Bitcoin is an economic bubble.

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