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Sheila Warren is a prominent figure in the fields of technology, blockchain, and social impact. With a diverse background spanning law, policy, and business, Warren has made significant contributions to advancing innovative solutions for social and economic challenges. As the Head of Blockchain and Data Policy at the World Economic Forum, Warren plays a key role in shaping global discourse and policy frameworks around blockchain technology and data governance. She leads initiatives focused on harnessing the potential of blockchain for social good, promoting responsible data practices, and fostering collaboration among stakeholders from government, industry, and civil society. Prior to her role at the World Economic Forum, Warren served as Vice President of Strategic Alliances and General Counsel at TechSoup, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing technology solutions to other nonprofits around the world. In this capacity, she worked to leverage technology for social impact, advocating for greater access to digital tools and resources for underserved communities. Warren's expertise extends beyond blockchain and technology to encompass broader issues of social innovation and sustainable development. She has been a vocal advocate for leveraging technology to address pressing global challenges, including poverty alleviation, environmental sustainability, and human rights. In addition to her professional endeavors, Warren is actively involved in various advisory and advocacy roles within the technology and social impact sectors. She serves on the boards of several organizations dedicated to promoting ethical and inclusive technology practices, and she is a frequent speaker and commentator on topics related to blockchain, data governance, and social innovation. Warren's work reflects a deep commitment to leveraging technology as a force for positive change, driving meaningful impact at the intersection of innovation, policy, and social responsibility. Her thought leadership and advocacy efforts continue to inspire and shape the global conversation around the responsible use of technology for the benefit of all.

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