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  • Michael Novogratz: A correction is likely before Bitcoin continues to rise
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Michael Novogratz: A correction is likely before Bitcoin continues to rise

Michael Novogratz - A correction before Bitcoin rise Michael Novogratz - the CEO of Galaxy Digital

Michael Novogratz Predicts Bitcoin Correction Before Future Growth

Galaxy Digital's CEO, Michael Novogratz, forecasts a temporary correction in Bitcoin's trajectory, deeming it an essential precursor to its continued ascent. Speaking on Bloomberg TV, Novogratz articulated his view that a dip to approximately $55,000 for Bitcoin is "virtually inevitable" before it embarks on a further upward journey. "A period of correction and consolidation wouldn't surprise me," Novogratz mentioned, reinforcing his belief in Bitcoin's investment appeal even at current prices due to the anticipated influx of capital into BTC.

Spot Bitcoin ETFs: Catalysts for Growth

Novogratz highlighted the pivotal role of spot Bitcoin ETFs' approval in the U.S., elucidating how it has illuminated the "true value" of Bitcoin to investors. This recognition, according to him, underpins the cryptocurrency's robust long-term outlook despite potential short-term rate fluctuations. He remains bullish on Bitcoin future, citing the transformative impact that even a minimal allocation from large investors, controlling a cumulative $85 trillion, could have on Bitcoin's valuation.

Institutional Interest as a Value Driver

The CEO's optimism is rooted in the belief that the entrance of institutional investors into the Bitcoin market, spurred by the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs, will significantly propel the coin's value. "The involvement of institutional investors is not just probable; it's inevitable, and when that wave hits, we're looking at substantial value appreciation for Bitcoin," Novogratz stated, envisioning a scenario where Bitcoin's value skyrockets due to the newfound institutional backing.

With the advent of spot Bitcoin ETFs and the growing recognition of Bitcoin value among investors, Novogratz's outlook for the cryptocurrency market is overwhelmingly positive, buoyed by the potential for significant investment from the institutional sector. 

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