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Nasdaq CEO: Exchange will stay away from ICO


Adena Friedman, general manager of the global stock market operator Nasdaq, said that its company is going to avoid the proposals of ICO. Speaking at a conference on the quality of financial markets at Georgetown University this week, the CEO of Nasdaq criticized the lack of standards for investor protection and disclosure of information about the organizers who use this investment model to finance block-start-ups. This is reported by CoinDesk. Although this type of financing is used by many well-known companies that have public confidence, there are many cases of dishonest ICO and fraud that attract regulators from around the world. It is for these reasons that Friedman said that the Nasdaq will stay away from this.

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The founder of Wikipedia believes that ICO can be "absolute fraud"


Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia expressed his opinion on the modern financing of business projects using ICO, calling such methods "fraudulent." In an interview with the American CNBC television channel, he said that he believes that many projects that use ICO to finance their projects by selling their tokens are "absolute fraud". There are quite a few of these primary placements of coins, which, in my opinion, are absolute fraud, and people should be very cautious about things happening in this area, said Jimmy Wells.

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Participant of the famous hip-hop group will take part in the promotion of ICO


One of the participants in the hip-hop group Wu-tang Clan, Ghostface Killah, seems to be connected to a venture crypto-cash company that wants to raise $ 30 million with its Cream token to finance a network of crypto-ATM ATM terminals. Ghostface Killah will assume the role of the chief branding specialist within ICO Cream, which seeks to raise $ 30 million. In a recent interview, Brett Westbrook, CEO of Cream Capital, said: Its efficiency will create a structure, thanks to which crypto-currencies will become closer to ordinary people. Both met at Reddit during a special session during which users can ask questions and communicate with a certain person, in this case it was Ghostface Killah.

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Swedish authorities for the first time recovered debt in bitcoins


Representatives of the Swedish government for the first time settled the repayment of debts with the help of bitcoin. This is the first time when law enforcement bodies officially accepted bitcoin as payment of arrears to the state.
One of the employees of Kronofogden (Swedish Bailiff Service) noted that bitcoin is a new asset that provides his organization more opportunities to resolve various issues and problems. Bitcoin is an alternative method of payment for citizens.

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In China, they again speak about the state crypto currency


The position of China against public crypto-currencies is becoming more aggressive. But perhaps it has strategic rationale? For example, "clearing" the market for the introduction of state crypto currency, controlled by the People's Bank? Director of the Digital Currency Research Institute, created under the People's Bank of China, Yao Qian, very clearly outlined his vision of this issue in his statement at a meeting organized by the International Telecommunication Union.

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Hardfork Byzantium: official statement of the Ethereum Foundation


The Ethereum Foundation confirms that the planned hardfork will be activated on the block 4 370 000, which will be produced, roughly, on Monday October 16, between 12:00 and 13:00 UTC (16:00 to 17:00 Moscow time). The same hardfork was activated in the test network Ropsten on September 19 on the block 1,700,000. The countdown timer can be viewed here. To date, in the Etherium, there have already been four hardfork, and only one of them led to the creation of an alternative blocker Ethereum Classic. Given that Byzantium is included in the development plan of the Etherium since 2015, it is unlikely that there will be problems with the update. Byzantium can be considered as a conservative update, which will include 9 proposals for changes (EIP - analog BIP) in the platform. The essence of the change is that they need to make the platform easier and faster, improving the speed of transactions, the security of smart contracts and, possibly, confidentiality.

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Air France tests blockchain for the supply chains


Air France KLM, a holding company that owns one of the largest airlines in the world, intends to test the technology of blockade and decentralized applications to automate the chain of aviation supplies.
The webinar, which was attended by Microsoft and the software company Ramco Aviation, the head of the innovation department of Air France KLM James Kornberg (James Kornberg) spoke about the company's plans to explore the potential of blockade technology, as well as options for the use of decentralized technology for the chain of aviation supplies.

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Bitcoin again costs more than all other crypto currency


Today's growth of bitcoins above $ 5,000 again returned the world's first crypto currency to the dominance of capitalization in the crypto currency market, which in the course of 2017 was seriously shaken. In the summer months, due to the sharp increase in the popularity of ICO, the capitalization of the Ethereum and other major altokones has grown significantly, and the rate of their growth is much more than the growth of bitcoin. Therefore, in May, the Index of Bitcoin's dominance by the Coinmarketcap version fell below 50%, and in June briefly even fell below 40%.

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ICO Etherparty underwent a hacker attack during its launch


ICO Etherparty briefly became a victim of a cyber attack, as a result of which some investors sent their funds to the attacker's address. The blocking startup Etherparty launched its ICO campaign to raise funds for the implementation of the platform for the development of smart contracts on October 1. According to a blog post, the attacker successfully entered a fraudulent purse address on the Etherparty website about 45 minutes after the start of the ICO. The team noticed the violations almost immediately, and within 15 minutes the site was disconnected. Offline site was about 90 minutes, during this time the team rebuilt it and transferred to a new server.

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US REGULATION OF ICOs: the tokens were equated to the release of ordinary shares


In the United States, tokens issued under the ICO were equated to release of ordinary shares. Now, issuers will need to register for the issue of virtual shares. The decision of the regulator will make it difficult for investors in the US market to invest in the crypto currency, but the organizers of ICO will have to seriously assess the risks that can reduce the number of fraud cases.

Experts said about the theft of 10% of the Ethereum crypto-currency invested in IСO


The tenth part of the Ethereum crypto currency invested in the ICO was stolen by fraudsters who used phishing sites and social network accounts for this. The amount of cyber-theft is already approaching the amount of funds stolen by the usual way. Participation in the initial placement of the tokens (Initial Coin Offering - ICO) on the Ethereum blockbuster platform (crypto currency ether) assumes that in one of ten cases a participant will become a victim of fraud. This is reported by Bloomberg.

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Paris Hilton decided to start promoting the ICO project Lydian


The American actress, singer and model Paris Hilton announced her participation in the initial deployment of tokens (ICO) of the Singapore project Lydian. Hilton wrote about this on her Twitter. "I'm looking forward to participating in the new Lydian project," she wrote.

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Roger Ver put $ 4 million to succeed SegWit2x


Crypto-currency investor Roger Ver (Roger Ver) has put $ 4 million on the fact that coins in the SegWit2x blockchain after November's hard-core will cost more than in Bitcoin's original blockchain.
Now it's hard to remember the times when the bitcoin community was not involved in the debate about how to properly scale Bitcoin. These discussions took a variety of forms, but at the moment, their focus was the disagreement between the supporters of SegWit2x and Bitcoin Core. The verbal skirmish and the fight of hasheds began shortly after the New York agreement was signed, and they become more acute as November approaches, which is planned for SegWit2x

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The capitalization of the project Cardano already at the start exceeded half a billion dollars


Charles Hoskinson, one of the first developers of the Ethereum, left the team of Vitalik Buterin before the start of the blockchain, and his company IOHK launched their own blockchain Cardano. Already four days after the launch, ADA's capitalization, the internal token of Cardano, exceeded half a billion dollars at a daily trading volume of $ 100 million. The capitalization of ADA did not come from scratch. Since the beginning of 2017, the project has conducted a series of ICO, or, in the terminology of the team, sales of vouchers, collecting a total of 108,844.5 Bitcoins, which is the same half a billion. Almost the entire amount of collected funds is of Asian origin - according to the audit report, these are investors from Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam.

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Goldman Sachs plans to introduce Bitcoins for trade clients


As they say - money does not smell, especially virtual. In the Wall Street Journal there was news that the banking giant Goldman Sachs, working on a solution that would allow its investors to trade Bitcoin directly. Such a decision will make Goldman Sachs the leading company of Wall Street, which allows its investors to gain access to the rapidly growing market of crypto currency.

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US can follow Japan in the regulation of crypto-currency exchanges


Last week, the Japanese government and its financial regulator, the Financial Services Agency (FSA), officially authorized and licensed the work of 11 crypto-currency exchanges, including BitFlyer, the country's largest trading platform with more than 800,000 users. In a statement, Yuzo Kano, president of BitFlyer, noted that the regulation of the currency exchange and investors by the Japanese government will allow the country's crypto-currency market to become one of the leading positions in the field of trade, development and innovation.

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The founder of NEO: the ban of ICO in China is not temporary


The founder of the NEO platform, which recently announced the return of funds to investors in connection with the banning of ICO in China, Da Hongfei was a guest guest, along with Patrick Dai, developer of QTUM, on the Unchained podcast, organized by Laura Shin Shin), the editor-in-chief of Forbes. The main topic of the discussion was the recent events in China and their potential impact on the crypto-currencies and the development of the blockbuster.

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Vitalik Buterin co-authored a new protocol for interactive ICO


A new White Paper has been published with a detailed description explaining the potential transformation of the protocol for the initial sale of coins (ICO). The draft protocol, whose aspiration to create a "balance" between closed and untested sales of tokens, is represented by the joint efforts of the founder of the Ethereum Vitalik Buterin and the developer Jason Teutsch, who is the creator of the project to scale up the TrueBit smart contracts.

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