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Jamie Dimon: Bitcoin is not interesting, but JPMorgan customers disagree

Jamie-Dimon-Bitcoin-is-not-interesting Jamie Dimon | JPMorgan CEO

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon said he remains skeptical about Bitcoin despite the growing interest of the bank's clients in the crypto asset. Speaking at a summit hosted by the Wall Street Journal, Daimon said he hasn't softened his stance on the first cryptocurrency. He previously compared Bitcoin to tulip rush and was ready to fire any JPMorgan employee caught in cryptocurrency trading. 

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Analysts predict the recovery of the cryptocurrency market


The founder and head of investment company Pantera Capital, Dan Morehead, made a very optimistic statement about the Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in general. Speaking in the Fast Money program on CNBC, Morehead said that the events taking place on the market should not be considered catastrophic. According to historical data, the drop in the rate of Bitcoin does not contradict an absolutely normal scenario, and in addition, the financier expects a change in the market trend in the near future.

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Jamie Dimon: I'm sorry I called Bitcoin a scam


A long-time opponent of crypto-currency, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon said he regrets past negative comments about Bitcoin, in particular what he called a scam at the New York conference. Now, while Dimon continues to assert "this topic does not interest him at all," he recognized as "reality" the core Bitcoin technology - blockchain and revised his opinion on the ICO, saying that each campaign should be approached "individually."

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