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Telegram publishes “Gram” cryptocurrency wallet rules

Telegram-publishes-Gram-wallet-rules Telegram publishes “Gram” cryptocurrency wallet rules

Telegram introduced the first edition of the rules for using the "Gram" cryptocurrency wallet, which was developed by the company to store the tokens of the same name.

The rules say that the Gram wallet is provided by Telegram FZ-LLC and will be built into the Telegram messenger, and is also available as a separate application. One of the main points in the rules is the age limit - only people over 18 years old can use the wallet. In addition, only citizens of countries in which it is not prohibited by law can use the Gram.

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$ 850 million already invested in Telegram ICO (GRAM)


ICO messenger Telegram, has not yet officially begun, but already set an absolute record on the size of the collected investments. Founder Telegram Pavel Durov reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) about attracting of $ 850 million from 81 investors. According to reports, two companies registered in the British Virgin Islands – "Telegram Group Inc." and "TON Issuer Inc.", managed by the brothers Pavel and Nikolay Durov, provided the placement of securities. The receipt of investments began on January 29 and ended on February 13, with the amount of applications received exceeded the planned amount by more than 6 times: instead of $ 600 million, investors expressed a desire to invest $ 3.8 billion in a messenger and payment network on the TON project. As a result, applications for $ 850 million were approved.

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Pavel Durov prepares the launch of the cryptocurrency Gram


The creator of VKontakte and Telegram Pavel Durov is preparing to release his own cryptocurrency under the name Gram, said a former employee of VKontakte and subordinate Durov Anton Rosenberg. He believes that in this way Durov will begin to monetize the messenger "Telegram" and provide Asian countries with a digital payment system.The new project will be called TON (Telegram Open Network) - there is already the first promo in the style of "Star Wars". The platform will be integrated with many of the most popular messaging applications (not yet determined which ones). TON will use the so-called "light wallets", and its currency is called Gram.

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