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Roman Abramovich is a Russian billionaire businessman, investor, and philanthropist, best known for his involvement in the worlds of business, sports, and politics. Born on October 24, 1966, in Saratov, Russia, Abramovich rose to prominence as the owner of the Chelsea Football Club, one of the most successful football clubs in England. Abramovich made his fortune primarily in the oil and gas industry during the privatization period in Russia in the 1990s. He acquired a major stake in the oil company Sibneft (now Gazprom Neft) and became one of the wealthiest individuals in Russia. Abramovich later diversified his investments into various industries, including steel, mining, real estate, and telecommunications. In 2003, Abramovich purchased the Chelsea Football Club, which was struggling financially at the time. Under his ownership, Chelsea experienced unprecedented success, winning numerous domestic and international titles, including multiple English Premier League titles and the UEFA Champions League. Apart from his business ventures, Abramovich is known for his philanthropic activities. Through the Roman Abramovich Foundation, he has donated substantial sums of money to support various charitable causes, particularly in the areas of healthcare, education, and humanitarian relief efforts. Abramovich's political connections and influence in Russia have also attracted attention over the years. He has maintained close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin and has been involved in diplomatic and political initiatives in Russia and abroad. In recent years, Abramovich has faced scrutiny and controversy, particularly regarding his wealth, business dealings, and ties to the Russian government. He has been subject to sanctions by some Western countries following Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014 and its involvement in the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Despite the challenges and controversies surrounding his business and political activities, Roman Abramovich remains one of the most prominent and influential figures in Russia and the international business community. His contributions to business, sports, and philanthropy have left a lasting impact on various sectors and continue to be a subject of interest and debate around the world.

Telegram will hold the second closed round of TON tokens pre-sale


Telegram sent invitations to investors for the second round of a closed pre-sale of TON tokens. Despite the fact that the exact amount is not disclosed, according to some information this time the campaign organizers expect to collect an amount that is not inferior to the amount collected at the first stage of the placement, namely 850 million dollars. As a result, even before the start of public sales, which was planned on March, Telegram can attract $ 1.7 billion of investments for the implementation of its project - the Telegram Open Network (TON) platform.

$ 850 million already invested in Telegram ICO (GRAM)

Roman Abramovich invested in Telegram Roman Abramovich - Russian billionaire

ICO messenger Telegram, has not yet officially begun, but already set an absolute record on the size of the collected investments. 

Russian billionaires invest in Сryptocurrencies

Roman Abramovich invest in Сryptocurrencies Roman Abramovich - Russian billionaire

Three of Russia's richest businesspersons, including Roman Abramovich, invest heavily in cryptocurrencies through the European Fund.

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