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Samsung Galaxy S10 will support BTC, ETH, COSM and ENJ

Samsung-Galaxy-S10-will-support-BTC-ETH-COSM-and-ENJ Samsung Galaxy S10 will support BTC, ETH, COSM and ENJ

New details about the cryptocurrency wallet built into the Galaxy S10 have become known. It turns out that the cold storage of the smartphone will support only four currencies and only two of them - large.

Reported that of the large coins, the cryptocurrency wallet will support Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition, Galaxy S10 will be able to store coins Enjin Coin and Cosmo Coin. These are Korean projects based on the Ethereum blockchain. Enjin Coin is designed for gamers, and Cosmo Coin is associated with the beauty industry.

The smartphone will also support decentralized applications adapted for the phone. At the moment, the largest such application is Cosmee. It allows you to receive COSM tokens for writing reviews on cosmetics and beauty products.

"In a bizarre turn of events, Samsung today announced its wallet app at MWC. Supported assets: BTC, ETH, ENJ (some tiny in-game currency thing) and COSM (absolute shitcoin from Korea for buying beauty products - WTF?!) Hardly any details. I'd wager this doesn't ship on US models," wrote Bitcoin developer Udi Wertheimer in Twitter .

Note that at the end of last year, Opera announced the launch of a web browser for Android, which has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet that supports only ERC-721 tokens. It also provides the ability to run decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain.


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