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Max Keiser: Bitcoin will cost $100,000 due to investments of George Soros


The popular "anti-establishment" investor, journalist, economic activist and host of the show The Keizer Report on Russia Today, Max Keizer commented on the current situation, as well as some political aspects around the cryptocurrency. Keiser has been promoting Bitcoin ideas since 2011, on which he earned his fame. 

IFAN and PINCOIN disappeared with 660 million dollars


The Vietnamese company Modern Tech disappeared, cheating about 32,000 people who invested more than 15 trillion Vietnamese dong ($ 660 million) in two fraudulent cryptocurrency projects. Last Sunday, dozens of disgruntled investors gathered near the company's office in Ho Chi Minh City demanding to return the invested money. However, the owner of the building, which housed the office of Modern Tech, said that the company had moved out about a month ago.


Research: 14% of young Japanese invest in cryptocurrencies


According to a survey conducted by the Japanese online publication Shin R25, whose main readers are young people, 14% of Japanese young people between the ages of 20 and 25 own digital assets. The research was conducted from January to March of this year. More than 25% of the respondents said that this was their first investment experience, 92% said they invested their free funds in digital assets. Interest in the cryptocurrencies 37.4% of respondents explained that it is fashionable, and 19.9% paid attention to cryptocurrency due to their popularity in the media.


Mark Karpeles: I don't want this billion dollars


The former president of the infamous MtGox exchange once again apologized for his role in the bankruptcy of the exchange in 2014. On Wednesday at Reddit Mark Karpeles published a letter to the Exchange users, many of whom became participants of a long battle in the struggle for their money lost by the exchange. In the letter, he responded to accusations that he personally would benefit from the decision of the Japanese courts considering the case. According to the Wall Street Journal, Karpeles can get almost a billion dollars, which will remain after the Exchange users receive returns on the current settlement scheme. Under the decision of the Tokyo court, the creditors of MtGox will be paid the cost of their Bitcoins in the Japanese yen at the time of closing the exchange, and not in the cryptocurrency.

Huobi: the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency will grow in April


The daughter of the former Huobi-exchange Huobi Research - conducted a survey among 2000 people from 23 different countries to understand the general mood in the cryptocurrency market. The results of the survey showed that almost 78% of respondents believe in the future growth of the value of most cryptocurrency in the next three years. Despite the sharp collapse of the market in early 2018, more than half of respondents are convinced that the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency will grow in April. Only 26% of respondents believe that it will continue to decline in the next month.

The second round of ICO Telegram attracted $ 850 million


On the website of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), appeared the information that during the second round of the ICO, the blockchain platform Telegram Open Network (TON) of Pavel and Nikolai Durov raised $ 850 million. 94 investors took part in the ICO, which started on March 14. The issuer of tokens are two companies - TON Issuer Inc. and Telegram Group Inc., as the type of securities placed - an agreement on the purchase of cryptocurrency.

Satis Group research: 81% of all ICOs turned out to be fraudulent


Satis Group, the leading advisory group on ICO issues, classified the primary location of the tokens according to their quality to demonstrate a real picture of the actual progress of the projects. According to Satis Group's findings, almost 81% of ICO turned out to be fraudulent, and only 1.6% have real prospects for success. The Satis Group classifies ICOs from the first fund-raising offer until the appearance of the token on the exchange. Researchers divide the projects into the following groups:


John Glen: cryptocurrencies do not pose a threat to the UK economy


According to the statement of the British city minister (supervises the financial services sector), John Glen, cryptocurrencies do not pose a threat to the country's economy and any regulation will only contribute to the development of the Cryptocurrency. John Glen, responsible for the UK financial services sector, said, "the government is trying to find the right approach and a reasonable level of regulation." On Thursday, British Chancellor Philip Hammond announced the creation of a new cryptocurrency unit, which included representatives of the Treasury, the Bank of England and the FSA (Financial Regulator of the country). The created group will deal with "risk management of cryptocurrency assets and extraction of potential benefits".


Edward Snowden criticizes the transparency of Bitcoin's blockchain

Edward Snowden criticizes the transparency of Bitcoin Edward Snowden - former CIA analyst

The world-famous ex-employee of the NSA and unmasker Edward Snowden gave an interesting and extensive interview to Peter Van Valkenburgh during the conference "The Blockstack 2018" in Berlin.

Weiss Ratings published a list of the 12 most unreliable Altcoins


Weiss Ratings, an independent rating agency, recently unveiled its latest estimates for the Cryptocurrency market. The good news is that the Bitcoin performance has improved significantly. Bad news - the number of weak Altcoins, from which it is worth staying away, has not diminished. The agency allocated 12 cryptocurrencies, which, in their opinion, investors should avoid.

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