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Peter Brandt: Exposing Binance as a Global Scam

Peter-Brandt-Binance-a-Global-Scam Peter Brandt - well-known trader

Renowned Trader Exposes Binance's Global Scam

Peter Brandt: Bitcoin's Ascendancy to the Top of the Financial Chain

Peter-Brandt-Bitcoins-Ascendancy Peter Brandt - Renowned trader

Bitcoin's Triumph: Peter Brandt Predicts Top of the Financial Chain

Peter Brandt: XRP is a manipulated fraudulent scam

Peter-Brandt-XRP-is-a-scam Peter Brandt - an analyst and experienced trader

Peter Brandt, an analyst and experienced trader, said that Ripple's XRP cryptocurrency is a fraudulent scam, with the price of coins being constantly manipulated.

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