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Research: almost 47% of users prefer Bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies

47-of-users-prefer-Bitcoin Research: almost 47% of users prefer Bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies

According to a study conducted by the Value Walk news website, 46.7% of users prefer to invest in Bitcoin, rather than other cryptocurrencies.

As part of the survey, respondents were asked a few questions. When answering the question "What is your favorite coin?" 46.7% chose Bitcoin, 31.4% - Ethereum, and 21% - Ripple.

Then respondents were asked which cryptocurrency exchange services they prefer to use. In accordance with the results, the undisputed leader was the Binance exchange - 71.3% of respondents choose this trading platform. 15.5% of respondents voted for Coinbase, and 13.2% voted for Bittrex.

The survey participants were also asked whether they believe that the "bearish" trend in the market will continue in 2019. In response, 76% of respondents said that, in their opinion, the "cryptocurrency winter" would come to an end this year. At the same time, 80% of respondents noted that "they will most likely acquire cryptocurrency" in the near future, despite the fact that the market has not fully recovered, and the remaining 20% of respondents said that "they will be more likely to wait for the market to recover".

The researchers also found out how much the survey participants are willing to invest in security tokens. Thus, 25% of respondents are willing to invest less than $ 1,000 in tokenized assets, 52% - from $ 1,000 to $ 50,000, and 13% - more than $ 50,000. At that, 19% of respondents said that they are not ready to invest in security tokens.

In addition, the participants were asked another interesting question regarding the public attitude to the risks and benefits of tokenized assets: "If you were offered prestigious tokenized real estate with an annual income from investments of 6%, would you invest?" The opinions of the participants were divided almost equally - 48% of respondents answered positively, and 52% - negatively.

As part of the study, the publication also found out what percentage of people use cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. As it turned out, in 2018, 52% of respondents used cryptocurrency for investing or running their business, buying electronics, software, hardware, as well as paying for travel and entertainment.

Note that, according to a recent BitFlyer survey, 63% of Europeans believe in the long existence of cryptocurrencies, and according to another study published by Gold IRA Guide, almost 3% of American retirees own Bitcoins. 


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