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MasterCard filed patent applications for instant payments on blockchain


New patent applications from MasterCard show that one of the largest credit card operators looks at the blockchain as a way to make the calculations more simple and quick. In a patent application published last week in the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the company describes a database on a blockchain that can instantly process payments, ensuring that sellers do not need to wait a few days to receive funds for their goods.

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IRS may win in the process against Coinbase


This week, the dispute between the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Coinbase again worsened as the magistrate in charge of the case accepted the IRS side. Last Thursday in California, the two organizations met in court to continue litigation over the controversial case, which began almost a year ago. At recent hearings, the IRS proposal for a tax audit of Coinbase customers was discussed, which used the platform from 2013 to 2015. At the last hearing, US Justice Jacqueline Scott Corley noted that she approves the arguments put forward by the IRS, and considers the verification justified.

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Mike Novogratz: Wall Street is on the verge of taking Bitcoin and Ethereum


Mike Novogratz, former head of the hedge fund of the Fortress Investment Group, who recently became a cryptocurrency investor, noted that he believes that institutional investors are only a few weeks from the mass adoption of Bitcoin and the Ethereum. Novogratz also said that this migration from Wall Street would lead to a sharp rise in prices for cryptocurrencies.

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Dragonchain, a blockchain start-up with Disney roots, raised $ 13.7 million during the ICO


Dragonchain, a blockchain-start-up company founded by Disney, managed to raise about $ 13.7 million with the help of the initial coin offering (ICO). As indicated on the project site, during the two-stage crowdsale 30 521 ETH and 622.47 BTC were collected. In the course of the pre-session, which began in August, the start-up managed to attract about 1.4 million dollars (152.25 BTC and 2357.53 ETH). The main stage of the token was completed at the end of last week.

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Chinese energy company denies rumors about the disconnection of miners


The State Electric Power Company of China refutes rumors that they are cutting off miners in Sichuan province for mining Bitcoins. A few hours ago, a rumor was spread that the state grid of the country was going to cut off all those who are producing Bitcoins in Sichuan province from the power grids on the grounds that it is illegal activity. Sichuan has long been the main mining center in China. Since the province has a lot of hydroelectric power stations, due to this there is very cheap electricity. Many transfer their mining centers to Sichuan and sublet them.

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Mark Yusko is confident that the price of Bitcoin can reach $ 400,000


With what only predictions of Bitcoin prices we have not encountered lately! From conservative to bold and even fantastic. But what seemed unthinkable a year ago, now we already see on the charts. Some experts, for example, the representative of Boston University, Mark T. Williams (Mark T. Williams), otherwise known as Professor Bitcorn, several years ago prophesied the death of the crypto currency. Others, on the contrary, believe that the main rally is yet to come. It's impossible to say with certainty which of the two camps is right, how many people, so many opinions. The crypto currency investor and the head of Morgan Creek Capital Management, Mark Yusko, is sure that once the price of Bitcoin reaches 400,000 US dollars.

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Traders calculated the profitability of bitcoin using the Keynes method


Even before bitcoin was invented, the British economist John Maynard Keynes developed a technique of calculation the annual interest rate of the crypto currency. According to experts, now it is about 57%. Born June 5, 1883 in English Cambridge, Keynes witnessed a tumultuous period in British history. After passing through the Boer War, both world wars and the world economic depression, he passed away on April 21, 1946. During his life he became famous as one of the world's leading economists. His most famous work is The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, which was published in 1936 and became a model for future economic thought.

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The US Customs Service proposed 14 ways to use blockchain in its operations


The Commission of Experts of the Bureau of Customs and Border Control of the United States (CBP) is studying the applicability of the blockchain and how it can be used within the agency's work. According to the published report, the working group was established by the Advisory Committee of Commercial Customs Operations (COAC) in September. Originally it was established by the COAC and the Bureau of Customs and Border Control to identify issues related to new technologies or the promotion of existing technologies that will affect trade.

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SEC: Celebrity ICO support is "potentially illegal"


The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a statement that calls public support for various ICO celebrities of all kinds "potentially illegal" and warns that "stars" who thus advertise tokens may be held responsible for violating federal securities laws. In a joint statement issued by the SEC's special unit dealing with violations in the ICO and the SEC Office for Supervision and Verification, it is written that public support for celebrity ICO potentially violates the rules for securities regulation, since they do not properly disclose the source and amount of compensation paid for an advertising campaign.

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German BaFin: ICO vulnerable to fraud


The largest economy of the European Union finally reacted to the booming ICO in the world. The Federal Office of Financial Supervision of Germany (BaFin) warned investors about the risks associated with participation in the ICO, as this is a "very speculative form of investment." The financial regulator in its statement urged investors to be cautious about the risks and be prepared for a complete loss of money, as a high level of public interest in ICO attracts scammers.

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The Bitconnect project was accused of creating a financial pyramid


The creators of Bitconnect consider it "decentralized P2P-Crypto-currency based on an open source code that allows people to store and invest their money in a government-unchecked currency and even earn a significant return on investment." Critics of Bitconnect consider it a financial pyramid, which rewards the first customers and leaves the rest with nothing. While cynics can assert the same thing about many crypto-currencies, there is evidence that Bitconnect and the truth may be unclean.

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The creator of BitTorrent is preparing a Chia network - an alternative to Bitcoin


Bram Cohen, the creator of the famous BitTorrent file sharing protocol, announced that he was one step closer to "solving the problem of centralizing Bitcoin." In an interview with TechCrunch magazine, Cohen said that Chia's network, its long-standing project, positioning itself as an alternative to Bitcoin, could be launched by the end of 2018. The "very hot" round of initial investment allowed the project to get out of the underground and hire a capable developer, which is necessary for Chia's currency to offer itself to investors.

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Cryptomillionaire Tim Draper: in five years, cryptocurrency will take the place of fiat money


In five years, the use of state currencies will come to naught, since they will be replaced by crypto-currencies. This is considered by the venture investor Tim Draper, who has large amounts in cryptocurrencies. At the Internet summit in Portugal, Draper spoke with Forbes, during the conversation he expressed his opinion about the future of the cryptocurrency market: "In five years, if you try to use fiat currency they will laugh at you. Bitcoin and other cryptocurriences will be so relevant … there will be no reason to have the fiat currencies. "

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Damage from vulnerability in the Parity Wallet and its consequences


As a result of the accidental use of a previously unknown vulnerability in the source code of the Parity Ethereum Wallet this Monday were "frozen", and actually lost funds in the accounts of many customers and projects. Save them, can only hardfork, similar to the project  of TheDAO tokens rescue in July 2016. In the company Parity Technologies responded to outrage of the public and the experience of customers only on Wednesday - 2 days after the blocking of funds in the blog officially confirmed the existence of a critical security threat: "Unfortunately, the code found a new vulnerability, which made it possible to transform the Parity Wallet contract into an ordinary multi-signature wallet, and to change its owner using the initWallet function call. This vulnerable code appeared in the software after its update as a result of the July 19 events. "

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Bitcoin takes new heights, network loading and commissions grow


The popularity of the crypto-currency markets is growing rapidly, and this is not surprising, since the price of bitcoin has risen by 60% in just one last month. However, along with the passing of the mark of 7000 dollars for BTC, the congestion of the blocks again increased, as well as the commission of the miners. This was the reason for users' displeasure with unconfirmed transactions and the need to pay 5-10 dollars per transaction. The actual cancellation of the SegWit2X's hardfork not only does not solve the crisis of scaling, but rather aggravates it, since other solutions still do not work, and even activated more than two months ago SegWit has not been put into operation to the full.

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Report Deloitte: in 2016 on GitHub more than 26 000 blockchain-projects started


According to the data collected by Deloitte, last year in the repositories on GitHub was created more than 26,000 new projects related to the blockbchain. In its new report, "Evolution of Blockchain Technology: A Look from the GitHub Platform", published on November 8, the company presented data from an application development platform that stores codes for more than 86,000 blockbchain initiatives, including major projects such as Bitcoin. In general, the study reflects the development of technology since Bitcoin, since 2009.

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Regulators of Sweden and New Zealand published their Statements on ICO


The financial regulators of Sweden and New Zealand have recently published documents on the primary placements of tokens (ICO). The Swedish financial regulator issued a statement, which notes a number of risks associated with the ICO. The ICO document is described as "a term used to designate the launch of a new token or another form of digital asset based on encryption technology." The Financial Services Agency (FSA) compares the primary placements of the tokens with the "basic" financial measures, and notes that "the goal of the ICO is to attract funding from the public to develop a business idea for the company that does not differ from the idea of basic financing." 

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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will issue diplomas based on the blockchain


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) decided to revise the system of issuing diplomas to its graduates. The other day, he unveiled a pilot program to test the capabilities of the blockchain for issuing diplomas. According to a publication on the MIT News website, the pilot program that began this summer provided 111 MIT graduates with an opportunity to receive a diploma of education through an application based on a blockchain for a smartphone in addition to the traditional printed version.

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