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$ 850 million already invested in Telegram ICO (GRAM)


ICO messenger Telegram, has not yet officially begun, but already set an absolute record on the size of the collected investments. Founder Telegram Pavel Durov reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) about attracting of $ 850 million from 81 investors. According to reports, two companies registered in the British Virgin Islands – "Telegram Group Inc." and "TON Issuer Inc.", managed by the brothers Pavel and Nikolay Durov, provided the placement of securities. The receipt of investments began on January 29 and ended on February 13, with the amount of applications received exceeded the planned amount by more than 6 times: instead of $ 600 million, investors expressed a desire to invest $ 3.8 billion in a messenger and payment network on the TON project. As a result, applications for $ 850 million were approved.

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Tom Lee predicts the new records of Bitcoin in July


New price records Bitcoin will show in July 2018, says the well-known financial expert and ex-analyst of financial holding company JPMorgan Chase, Tom Lee. Recall that the historical maximum of $ 19 511 Bitcoin rate reached in mid-December 2017. The period from December 18, 2017 to February 6, 2018 marked a significant correction, which resulted in Bitcoin fell by 70%. In the last week, the Bitcoin rate is recovering and on February 15 it rose again above $ 10,000, and at the end of the day on February 17 there is about $ 10,800. Tom Lee believes that such dynamics of Bitcoin prices correspond to the "V-shaped" pattern.

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Coinbase Commerce - something like PayPal for Bitcoin


The Coinbase platform has launched the Coinbase Commerce service, which aims to help online shops accept payments in the four leading cryptocurrencies. As noted in the company, Coinbase Commerce ensures the receipt of payments in cryptocurrencies, controlling, verifying and confirming the transactions of customers in each unit.

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Cryptocurrency Miners prevent the search for extraterrestrial civilizations


The American Institute specializing on the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) complained that they could not purchase the necessary graphics cards for research work, which were bought by the Cryptocurrency Miners. "We'd like to use the latest GPUs [graphics processing units]... and we can't get 'em," said Dan Werthimer, professor at the Berkeley SETI Research Center.

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LoopX disappeared with all Bitcoins and Ethereums for $ 4.5 million collected with ICO


The LoopX cryptocurrency start-up, which, with the help of ICO, attracted investments of several million dollars, disappeared along with all the collected funds in cryptocurrencies. Promising "the most modern algorithm of trading on the cryptocurrency market," the start-up suddenly disappeared, closing the site on the Internet and removing all traces of existence in social networks.

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Europol: in Europe with the help of cryptocurrency laundered $ 5.5 billion per year


In the European Union, with the help of cryptocurrency, about 4-5.5 billion dollars are illegally laundered annually, the head of the European Police Service (Europol), Rob Wainwright, said in an interview with BBC. The total amount of illegal income in Europe, he said, is 100 billion pounds sterling, of which about 3-4% is laundered using cryptocurrency.

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Analysts predict the recovery of the cryptocurrency market


The founder and head of investment company Pantera Capital, Dan Morehead, made a very optimistic statement about the Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in general. Speaking in the Fast Money program on CNBC, Morehead said that the events taking place on the market should not be considered catastrophic. According to historical data, the drop in the rate of Bitcoin does not contradict an absolutely normal scenario, and in addition, the financier expects a change in the market trend in the near future.

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17 million XRB tokens disappeared from the Bitgrail exchange


Bitgrail, a cryptocurrency exchange specializing in trading Nano (previously Railblocks), stopped all operations after losing 17 million XRB, at that time costing about 170 million dollars. The Italian exchange suspended the input and output of XRP two weeks earlier, and customers were already afraid of the worst. The other day the operator of the exchange Francesco Firano (Francesco "The Bomber" Firano) confirmed the bad news, which caused a stormy reaction of the Nano community. Many believe that the owner of Bitgrail carried out a fraudulent operation, stealing almost 13% of the funds from the total number of tokens in circulation.

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Forbes published a rating of cryptocurrency billionaires


Forbes magazine published a rating of billionaires, which multiplied their capital due to virtual currency. Americans are in the lead on this list. On the first line is co-founder of the third most popular cryptocurrency Ripple, former CEO of Chris Larsen with a fortune of 7.5-8 billion dollars. The volume of Ripple's capitalization reaches $ 29 billion. In the monitoring, Forbes experts analyze Larsen's own cryptocurrency state with a 17% stake in Ripple.

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Does Starbucks plan to launch the ICO with its own digital currency?


The executive director of the international fast-food chain Starbucks, Howard Schultz, surprised several colleagues when he raised the issue of cryptocurrencies during a conference call, discussing the company's last quarterly profits. The former CEO told the audience that, in his opinion, the publicly received cryptocurrency will come in the next few years, says the CCN edition. Schulz also doubted that Bitcoin would become one of such currencies, saying: "I do not believe that Bitcoin will become a currency today or in the future." Schultz joins a group of well-known Bitcoin skeptics, such as the legendary investor Warren Buffett, Nobel Laureate in Economics Robert Shiller and JP Morgan Chase executive Jamie Dimon, who went so far, calling Bitcoin a "fraud", although later he apologized for such comments.

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Sebastien Meunier: Seven possible scenarios of Bitcoin destruction


Financial consultant Sebastien Meunier suggested seven possible (and unlikely) scenarios for the collapse of Bitcoin, which could be realized in the next few years. Before we proceed to the assumptions, let's start with the facts - Bitcoin was declared dead more than 200 times. Despite the fact that the first cryptocurrency in the world for more than 9 years works practically without fail, it is still fashionable to predict its demise. Many experts are known for continuing to predict the death of Bitcoin, despite the fact that every day the network refutes their assumptions. However, if we assume that these people still have a certain level of intelligence, the only explanation for the failed predictions and emotional statements is that they did not devote enough time to studying the work of the network.

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Hackers use advertising on Youtube for the cryptocurrency mining


Recently it was discovered that hackers trying to take over the computers for cryptocurrency mining now use commercials on YouTube for mining at the expense of viewers. Nowadays, cryptocurrency mining can become a highly profitable enterprise, and hackers try to maximize their profits. According to Ars Technica, many Internet users on social networks complained that their antivirus software detected malicious software for mining cryptocurrency when they visited YouTube. Even after users switched to another browser, the antivirus program again displayed a warning when visiting YouTube.

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Nicholas Colas: hacking of cryptocurrency exchanges will continue


Last week there was a major hacking of the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, as a result of which 523 million NEM coins were stolen. This forced the site to stop operations to withdraw all funds except Bitcoin. The total value of the stolen coins was about $ 534 million at the time of the theft. Although the cryptocurrency market stabilized quite quickly, experts believe that this break-in is just the beginning. In an interview with CNBC, analyst Nicholas Colas said that in the near future, we expect more attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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ICO CashBet, became a sponsor of the FC "Arsenal"


The company CashBet is trying to raise the value of its ICO by signing a sponsorship agreement with Arsenal - the top football club of the English Premier League. This week, the UK press reported the news that the football club Arsenal signed an agreement with a technological blockchain company. The company CashBet, which is preparing for the initial placement of coins (ICO), created to raise funds necessary for the company to develop "a unified mobile platform for real money, social and professional skills based on interactive games."

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Ernst & Young: 10% of the $ 3.7 Billion collected during the ICOs was lost or stolen


A new research by Ernst & Young argues that more than 10% of funds received during the initial placement of coins were stolen or lost. The results and conclusions are combined with a report detailing what Ernst & Young considers a risk of investing in such a little regulated market. In conducting its research, Ernst & Young cooperated with the iB group to analyze 372 ICOs in the cryptocurrency area, but the professional service company did not determine the time frame in its conclusions. According to the report, the research groups received data from "public sources through exchanges, data aggregators, ICO reports, ICO trackers, news sites, blockchains of network scanners / platforms and specialized social networks."

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Coincheck Exchange hacked, NEMs stolen for $530 million


As the Japanese source MineCC reports, the management of the crypto exchange Coincheck officially announced the breaking and stealing of NEM tokens for $532 million. While it remains unclear, whether other cryptocurrencies were stolen. NEM developers and the community of open source developers have confirmed that there will not be a hardfire for the restoration of lost funds. NEM Foundation President Lon Wong said that there should be no complaints against NEM, and laid overall responsibility for the incident at Coincheck.

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Pre-ICO Telegram filed applications for $ 3.8 billion


According to information from indirect sources, the acceptance of applications for participation in the preliminary primary location of the tokens of the TON blockchain-platform has been completed, with an amount exceeding the fees of all ICOs during 2017. The team of Telegram and the founder of the company Pavev Durov still remain silent, however, without denying the very fact of preparing for the ICO and the reliability of information in the media.

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World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit - January 27 in Moscow


January 27, World Trade Center in Moscow will host the World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit (#WBCSummit). The organizer of the event is the International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (IDACB). The summit will bring together more than 400 world-class professionals - participants in the market for block-technologies, representatives of crypto-associations - IDACB partners, authorities, funds, investment companies and banks.

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