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4.83 (2 ICO reviews)
Cyber Capital Invest aims to help people who would like to trade on the cryptocurrency market but due to a lack of experience or skills, do not know..
Website: link
Whitepaper: link
ICO Start: 2019-09-03
ICO End: 2018-12-03
3.64 (4 ICO reviews)


IDAP is an International Digital Asset Platform, which aims to provide a complete Derivatives Ecosystem for Crypto Assets, offering Futures, calendar
Website: link
Whitepaper: link
ICO Start: 2019-02-15
ICO End: 2019-05-07
3.64 (6 ICO reviews)


ExToke is a new fee free Decentralized Ethereum ERC20 Token Exchange with absolutely no fees for buyer or sellers. Extoke will strengthen the DEX ...
Website: link
Whitepaper: link
ICO Start: 2018-06-27
ICO End: 2018-07-21
3.77 (4 ICO reviews)
THE FORTUNE FUND is a self-reliant cryptocurrency-only portfolio composed by using a hybrid managed and index strategy. The token sale funding will be
Website: link
Whitepaper: link
ICO Start: 2018-08-14
ICO End: 2018-11-11
3.94 (2 ICO reviews)
ADC was created to become a rotating currency in the investment to develop Asian countries and we want to share investment opportunities in Asian ...
Website: link
Whitepaper: link
ICO Start: 2018-07-25
ICO End: 2018-08-15
4.45 (3 ICO reviews)


EGOLD is a stable cryptocurrency, backed by gold. Our own blockchain with PoS consensus algorithm. ATM for buying/selling and storing physical gold.
Website: link
Whitepaper: link
ICO Start: 2018-08-01
ICO End: 2018-10-01
5.00 (3 ICO reviews)
Cryptassist is a one stop destination for all your cryptocurrency related information. Whether you are a beginner or an established crypto expert, Cry
Website: link
Whitepaper: link
ICO Start: 2018-07-31
ICO End: 2018-09-12
3.94 (4 ICO reviews)
Organicco Limited was created after more than ten years of research and development into green-tech products, and with over two million pounds of ...
Website: link
Whitepaper: link
ICO Start: 2018-06-06
ICO End: 2018-09-30
4.83 (4 ICO reviews)
CoinAnalyst is a software system that enables any trader in the crypto asset sector and other industries to access a dashboard which monitors and ...
Website: link
Whitepaper: link
ICO Start: 2018-07-07
ICO End: 2019-03-31