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Eternalmemory ICO

ICO Eternalmemory Description:

ICO Description

Eternalmemory will use the most popular technology to create an environment adaptable to your memories, reproduce the behavior of your loved one and thus create an emotional bridge without limits.


Look at the meteoric technological advancements of the past few years. The craze around metavers, virtual reality, cryptocurrency and NFT's have evolved the possibilities of action to infinity. Why not use this evolution to soothe the souls following the death of their loved ones or friends. Imagine being able to stay with your loved ones after you die. Give your loved ones the opportunity to interact with you again, to discuss your problems, to comfort you, to tell you stories, to play chess or to say what you didn't have time to say. A kind of eternal life, a real memory that never ends, Eternal Memory gives you this possibility! We thank the technological advancements that allow us to put such an opportunity in place, artificial intelligences, virtual reality immersion devices (Occulus) and virtual reality software (Unreal Engine). Without this, we could not allow people to enjoy such an action.



Our vision is to allow anyone to still exist in the eyes of others even after death. We want to allow people who are still alive to enjoy their loved one who left too soon, for a few moments or forever. Our goal is to allow people who are still alive to transfer their consciousness, body envelope and voice into a metaverse in which their loved ones will be able to interact with them in virtual reality in case of death. But our objective does not stop there, indeed, for those who have already had the misfortune to lose someone without this one having had the time to transfer its conscience, body envelope and voice in our metavers, they will have the possibility of recreating it by the means of questionnaire of behavior, photo and videos of being able to recreate the person. Following a long technological development, we will develop a system allowing a creation as close as possible to reality in order to allow an immersive and reassuring experience for people wanting to overcome the sad fate that every human must face.


Competitive advantage:

We are the only ones on the market to offer such a service. This leads us to a monopoly of the service! We are aware of the ever-increasing technological advancements and we take them into account in order to improve our service. We rely on the winning combination of Occulus, Unreal engine, Reality Capture, Motion Capture, Face Capture and our artificial intelligence. We know very well that virtual reality offers a revolutionary way to convey emotion, feeling, immersion and communication. At the same time, we know that the most important thing is to bring users to the platform and keep them there. Imagine you want to open a new bank branch. Where would you put it? How will you make your decisions? Will you build it in the middle of the city or in the middle of the desert? Of course, in the city! Why? Because there are no people in the desert. Other virtual worlds don't solve this problem, because they have minimal users and most of them never come back because such a world is not engaging.


Our service allows its users to have different scenarios every time, it's not a loop. But it also allows users to get a single unique experience. Our service is suitable for everything and allows for extended use. We are targeting a huge user panel, because we are targeting people who want to exist after death, people who want to interact with the deceased, that is, no age limit. And we intend to achieve all this through our strategic partners and mass and viral marketing. We will connect a growing community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts with a community of virtual reality enthusiasts, we will focus primarily on cryptocurrency users and speculators. Then we will target the people interested in the services.


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⭐ Eternalmemory ICO details:

Eternalmemory ICO ICO Details

Eternalmemory ICO Start: 02 27 2022

Eternalmemory ICO End: 08 31 2022

Eternalmemory Symbol: EMY

Eternalmemory Platform: Binance Smart Chain

Eternalmemory Offering Type: ICO

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