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ICO COLOTRON Metaverse Description:

ICO Description

Colot is a token which will be public listed of colotron VR virtual life project. It was produced in ERC-20 Polygon network. Colotron Project is not only a project which was inspired by a science-fiction theme but also it is a project which aims mankind to exist on a planet billions of light year away called Colotron through VR glasses,to colonize and provide an alternative habitation on a planet called Colotron. 


It is a virtual life planet which will led people exist by the help of VR glasses through https://coltron.com/story.pdf Project is named after the name of this planet. On this planet all the things will be done with VR glasses and in this project the users would be able to do most of the activities which can be done in their real lives. The aim of the project is to provide the tactile communication on VR. The aim of Colotron, The aim of Colotron is to provide people an alternative virtual life habitat which would make them relax,and design as they wish by withdrawing their daily life issues.


It`s total bid is 500.000.000

Colot contract address is : 0x9e9cc87258a526b72a359C1E1a0FF8b7Fd637ae0

Colot is completely stopped and will be never produced from now on.

5,000,000 Colot tokens will be pre-sale on April 30, 2022.

100.000.000 Colots will be used to be traded at the exchange.

50.000.000 Colots are being kept in order to be traded at the exchange and to pay for other arrangements.

65.000.000 Colots are being kept in order to be used for the campaigns and development team.

30.000.000 Colots are being kept in order to be used for in-game awards and activities.

250.000.000 Colots will be held to be locked up until 2030.

⭐ COLOTRON Metaverse ICO details:

COLOTRON Metaverse ICO ICO Details

COLOTRON Metaverse ICO Start: 07 25 2022

COLOTRON Metaverse ICO End: 08 10 2022

COLOTRON Metaverse Symbol: COLOT

COLOTRON Metaverse Platform: Etherium ERC20

COLOTRON Metaverse PreICO Start: 2022-04-30

COLOTRON Metaverse PreICO End: 2022-05-10

COLOTRON Metaverse Offering Type: ICO

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