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ICO TokyoCoin ($TOKYO)

Gaming and VR

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TokyoCoin ($TOKYO) ICO

ICO Description

Metaverse City Tokyo is an ambitious collaboration with Bitgert company that aims to unleash the power of Metaverse Japan to the world in the Web 3.0 era. The project concept is to build a dynamic metasociety in which individuals and communities can play an active role in a diverse ecosystem within Metaverse City Tokyo ranging from Retail, Business Services, E-sports, Virtual Real Estates, Anime Game and Movie Studio, Manga, Web 3.0 Apps, NFT Marketplace and a MetaUniversity.


Dubbed as a super class utility token, $TOKYO Bitgert Token aims to bring together individuals and companies seeking opportunities, entertainment, leisure, social network, business or adventure in MetaTokyo.



Our vision is to create eight products which will form a fully rounded commerce and entertainment hub for crypto enthusiasts within Japan’s metaverse space. We will deliver the highest quality platforms on the market which will require an adequate amount of funding. This is why we have set milestones for our token sale. Every milestone will allow us to develop a further layer of the project. The order of the platforms is entirely based on the funding each will require. From across the globe, Metaverse City Tokyo (MetaTokyo) 8-Pillar ecosystem will bring the avant-garde of Metaverse crypto technology to your hands:

MetaMaid Cafe Tokyo Club

MetaTokyo NFT Anime Game & Movie Studio

MetaTokyo NFT Marketplace & DeFi Exchange

MetaTokyo Virtual Real Estates

The Tokyo Bitgert Strip (Virtual Shops, Retail & Auction Hub)

MetaTokyo E-Sports Live Betting

NFT Casino & Entertainment Hub

MetaTokyo University

These products are only the beginning of a new era for blockchain. Metaverse City Tokyo ecosystem is a powerful Metaverse platform that is not only designed for the current or future demand, it’s so much more - simply put $TOKYO Bitgert Token is the future. We will be leading the way and the crypto community will be forever changed. Become part of TokyoCoin community. Unlike other ecosystems, TokyoCoin will have a very selective and special group of users. $TOKYO cryptocurrency is a dedicated native token utility for avid fans of Japanese pop culture, Anime, manga, music and J-Pop. It is also a portal for entrepreneurs and investors who want to engage the new era of Japan’s metaverse Web 3.0 seeking for business, social connection, business network and opportunities.

Metaverse City Tokyo is open to investors via our OpenSea NFTs. Click here: https://opensea.io/collection/tokyocoinownersguild

If you would like to know more about our investors program and becoming co-owner of a Japanese company, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@tokyocoin.live

Check our short video reel: https://youtu.be/o2zww8LO1Zc



✅ ICO TokyoCoin ($TOKYO) details

ICO Details

ICO «TokyoCoin ($TOKYO)» ICO Start: 2022-05-30

ICO «TokyoCoin ($TOKYO)» ICO End: 2022-06-30

ICO «TokyoCoin ($TOKYO)» Symbol: $TOKYO

ICO «TokyoCoin ($TOKYO)» Platform: BRC20

ICO «TokyoCoin ($TOKYO)» PreICO Start: 2022-05-23

ICO «TokyoCoin ($TOKYO)» PreICO End: 2022-05-30

ICO «TokyoCoin ($TOKYO)» Private Sale Start: 2022-05-20

ICO «TokyoCoin ($TOKYO)» Private Sale Finish: 2022-05-23

ICO «TokyoCoin ($TOKYO)» Offering Type: ICO

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