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  • Michael Novogratz: Expectations Rise for Bitcoin Growth by Year-End
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Michael Novogratz: Expectations Rise for Bitcoin Growth by Year-End

Michael-Novogratz-Bitcoin-Growt Michael Novogratz - CEO of Galaxy Digital

Bitcoin's Uptick Prediction by Year-End, Foreseen by Michael Novogratz

Michael Novogratz, the visionary CEO of Galaxy Digital, predicts a significant upswing in Bitcoin's value by the end of this year. The surge, he suggests, will be influenced by a new series of applications for Bitcoin spot Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).

In a recent dialogue with CNBC, Novogratz didn't solely attribute the Bitcoin growth to the emerging ETF applications but also tied it to broader economic trends.

The Role of the US Federal Reserve in Bitcoin's Rise

The veteran investor anticipates that the US Federal Reserve will halt its hike in the base rate and potentially reverse it. This predicted macroeconomic environment tends to favor riskier assets like cryptocurrencies. "By the year-end, I foresee the Bitcoin price scaling higher. At present, it's consolidating in the $28,000-$32,000 range. But Bitcoin is inherently bullish. I predict a substantial increase when the Fed relents and reduces the rate," Novogratz elucidated.

Spot Bitcoin ETF Applications - A Positive Sign for Cryptocurrencies

Novogratz regards the trend of applying for spot Bitcoin ETFs as an unequivocally positive force for the premier cryptocurrency. "How do I interpret the applications from BlackRock, Invesco, and others? It's indicative of genuine Bitcoin adoption. Think about it; BlackRock CEO Larry Fink is traversing the globe, engaging the richest individuals, advocating that Bitcoin has emerged as a viable investment alternative," stated Novogratz.

ETFs: A Gateway for New Bitcoin Investors

Novogratz continued, highlighting that Exchange-Traded Funds, or ETFs, offer an accessible route for many to dip their toes into the digital currency realm. For those less familiar with the intricacies of digital currencies, investing in ETFs can be an appealing first step.

With approval from the SEC, Bitcoin can transcend into a legitimate investment asset. "It's not just BlackRock; the ripple effect will extend to a colossal infrastructure. For instance, Invesco ETFs are drawing more capital than BlackRock's ETFs. And the market is teeming with potential players," Novogratz speculated.

Relocating Galaxy Digital – A Consideration Amid Regulatory Pressure

In light of recent stringent government regulations, Novogratz expressed that he is contemplating relocating his business, Galaxy Digital, outside of the United States. While this decision is yet to be finalized, it underscores the ongoing challenges and dynamism within the cryptocurrency industry. 

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