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"Tanks! For Playing" PRESS RELEASE

PRESS-RELEASE-Tanks-For-Playing Tanks! For Playing | PRESS RELEASE

"Tanks! For Playing" is a multiplayer game which can be played entirely on the blockchain. The power of social cooperation and manipulation driven by high-stakes rewards are mediated by the trust of smart contracts on the blockchain: meeting in a perfect union in 'Tanks! For Playing'. Built by a non-anonymous, experienced team based in Perth Western Australia, "Tanks! For Playing" is leading the way in the new field of Social Crypto Gaming.

Blockchain gaming is an industry set to explode in the coming years, the traditional gaming industry is worth $160 Billion with 2.7 billion players worldwide. Blockchain gaming has the potential to fuel the onboard millions of new users into the crypto world. Blockchain presents an incredible opportunity for a revolution in access, ownership, inclusivity and economic gain for gamers and game developers. Blockchain adoption will drive innovation, a greater sense of community and a quantifiable culture shift in gaming that shifts power to the gamer. Truly this frontier is ready for change and brings great benefit to all.

Tanks! For Playing aims to give non-crypto users their first taste of blockchain through an inviting and educational platform. Gaming has the potential to provide solutions to issues of barriers to entry into crypto. We aim to bring crypto enthusiasts and gamers together in a social environment at the forefront of technological innovation.

High Stakes, High Rewards

Tanks! For Playing is a Turn-Based Multiplayer Online Blockchain Game involving cooperation, coordination, planning, strategy and eventually betrayal.High reward tournaments set this game apart from others in the crypto game space. Players pay to play, funding the prize money. The last tank standing wins all - and winning is lucrative. As the game progresses, the pot grows as players can spend tokens to improve their chances, and the stakes get higher to create an exciting and addictive experience. The objective of the game is to destroy all the other tanks - but this objective is impossible without mobilizing other players to take down common enemies. Communication, tactical planning, and strategic maneuvering to form and break alliances are key to coming out on top.

Tanks! can be played entirely on-chain (web3) or off-chain on a managed server (web2). Games can range in duration from a few hours (~6 hours) to over the course of days or weeks.

Multiplayer games have the potential to host up to 1000 participants, creating the potential for an irresistible cash prize for the winner.

Tanks! For Playing is powered by the game token TANKS. TANKS tokens are indivisible, with a proportion of revenue to be burnt ensuring that the token is deflationary.

Revolutionizing Blockchain Gaming

Currently, popular blockchain games are based around NFTs and operate like loot box games or farm-to-earn. "Tanks! For Playing" aims to revolutionize the blockchain gaming space with a novel concept where gameplay is based around social connection, skill and strategy that is fueled by the ambition to win large cash prizes in tournaments. Buyer demand for tokens will be driven by gameplay - pay to play, pay for in-game purchases, pay for private on-chain games and pay for badges, adornments, and status. For those holding TANKS this demand serves well as it leads to rising buying pressure and inflow of revenue which a portion is used to burn the TANKS token. 'Tanks! For Playing' aims to appeal to a broad base of players as gameplay is centered around social strategy: The deterministic gameplay shifts the gear into teamwork and collaboration with the looming threat of sabotage - an enthralling and addictive game that can be enjoyed across a broad demographic range.

"Tanks! For Playing" is designed for a broad audience. The online blockchain game will appeal to casual gamers, those who are time poor, crypto enthusiasts as well as players who love to play to win tournaments. There's no need to be a 'gamer' to be successful in "Tanks! For Playing" - winning is determined by ability to coordinate, strategies and build relationships to drive gameplay in your own favor. Game play is flexible so players can engage for as little as a few minutes a day, or fully immerse themselves in the experience.


  • We have an aggressive timeline to provide confidence and drive momentum.
  • September - October 2021: Initial Token Sale, initial marketing and development of in-game assets and art.
  • November - December 2021: Token distribution, form DeX pools, development, and beta testing from December 2021.
  • January 2022: Full Polygon Launch, first tournament, marketing push
  • February 2022: Binance and Ethereum launch, first tournament
  • March - April 2022: Extended game features, bigger tournaments, deploy to more networks, investigate custodial wallets.
  • The ICO Token Sale is on now until 31 October 2021. There is still time to participate, and you are eligible for 10% bonus TANKS tokens if you buy in before we reach soft cap!

Here is how you can join us in our Initial Coin Offering:

Using our website (https://tanksforplaying.io), simply deposit ETH, CRBN, USDC, BNB or MATIC using the Ethereum, BSC or Polygon networks.

We also have a referrals program. You can get free bonus TANKS by referring others and spreading the word about the Tanks token sale! Connect your wallet on our website to create your unique referral link, and you will receive a share of TANKS purchased using your referral link.

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