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Nassim Taleb: Bitcoin wins in comparison with state currencies

Nassim-Taleb-Bitcoin-wins Nassim Taleb | The famous American economist and trader

The famous American economist and trader Nassim Taleb remains optimistic about cryptocurrencies and believes that Bitcoin "wins" in comparison with state currencies.

Taleb said that citizens of some countries, such as Lebanon, "lost faith" in state banking systems, so no one should ignore cryptocurrencies, as well as the history of Bitcoin and blockchain.

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Tom Jessop: closing cryptocurrency funds in 2019 is natural

Tom-Jessop-closing-cryptocurrency-funds-in-2019 Tom Jessop | The president of Fidelity Digital Assets

According to the president of Fidelity Digital Assets (FDAS), Tom Jessop, the cryptocurrency industry is only developing, so the closure of some companies and funds is natural.

Jessop expressed his opinion in the podcast The Scoop, commenting on a recent study by Crypto Fund Research, according to which a significant number of cryptocurrency investment funds closed this year. The president of FDAS believes that this situation resembles the development of the Internet startup market.

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ICObench Report: ICO and IEO market shows growth after a “cryptocurrency winter”

ICObench-Report-ICO-and-IEO-market-shows-growth ICObench Report: ICO and IEO market shows growth after a “cryptocurrency winter”

The ICO and IEO industry is showing signs of growth due to positive investor sentiment, obviously spurred by a recent cryptocurrency rally.

These data published in the new report of the rating agency ICObench. As of May 21, the ICO's success rate has increased, reflecting an improvement in the quality of projects. 85% of all funds raised in May were received by projects with a high rating (3-3.5), while in April, the share of these ICOs accounted for 68% of the funds raised.

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Dan Morehead: Bitcoin and blockchain can transform 50 industries

Dan-Morehead-Bitcoin-transform-50-industries Dan Morehead | CEO of Pantera Capital

According to Dan Morehead, CEO of Pantera Capital, an investment company, Bitcoin has every chance of transforming up to 50 industries.

Morehead emphasized that in the near future, Bitcoin and blockchain will be able to change such traditional tools as voting systems, international money transfer systems, electronic money transfers, identification systems and so on.

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John Bollinger: Most crypto currencies are at or near Bollinger Band Squeeze levels

Bollinger-Band-Squeeze-levels John Bollinger | The inventor of the indicator

On Saturday, the Bitcoin exchange rate fell by $ 150 and is now at $ 7,150. Analysts believe that the first cryptocurrency needs to cross the $ 7,300 mark to continue to grow.

According to the Bollinger indicator - a price prediction model based on a 20-day moving average - volatility should return to cryptocurrency markets soon.

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The number of active addresses in the Bitcoin network has reached a new record

active-addresses-in-the-Bitcoin-network The number of active addresses in the Bitcoin network has reached a new record

Cryptocurrency enthusiast and researcher from America Alex Thorn discovered that the number of active addresses with a non-zero BTC balance was 28.39 million, and this is a new record.

The previous record was set back in January 2018. According to Thorn, this indicator is well suited to determine the total number of users of the first cryptocurrency. Although here you need to understand some subtleties.

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Deutsche Bank: cryptocurrencies will replace paper money by 2030

Deutsche-Bank-cryptocurrencies-will-replace-paper-money Deutsche Bank: cryptocurrencies will replace paper money by 2030

According to a new study by Deutsche Bank, by 2030 the demand for alternative currencies will increase significantly, which will lead to the disappearance of fiat currencies.

In the Imagine 2030 report, Jim Reid, head of Deutsche Bank's Global Fundamental Credit Strategy, recalled the problems that the current monetary system has faced in recent years. He said that the increased demand for intangible assets and their anonymity will attract more people to digital currencies.

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Anthony Pompliano: Bitcoin is a peaceful protest against the system

Pompliano-Bitcoin-is-a-peaceful-protest Anthony Pompliano | Morgan Creek Founder

Anthony Pompliano, a well-known Bitcoin fan and founder of Morgan Creek, said that Bitcoin is not an investment, but a peaceful protest against a system that can change the world.

With his publication, he addresses all users. According to him, they can be divided into two types: some act as mercenaries and others as missionaries. Pompliano describes both categories.

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«IDAX Global» CEO have gone missing ... deposit/withdrawal service cannot be provided

IDAX-Global-CEO-have-gone-missing «IDAX Global» CEO have gone missing ...

Over the past week, reports began to appear on the network about problems with the withdrawal of funds on the IDAX cryptocurrency exchange. As it turned out, most of them were confirmed.

Yesterday morning, the company issued an "urgent notice" in which it informed that the site's general manager had "disappeared", and, accordingly, access to the cold wallet, which contains almost all of the cryptocurrency, was lost. Because of this, the process of depositing and withdrawing funds had to be suspended.

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Jack Dorsey: Africa will determine the future of Bitcoin

Jack-Dorsey-Africa-will-determine-the-future-of-Bitcoin Jack Dorsey | CEO of Twitter

The CEO of Twitter and cryptocurrency enthusiast Jack Dorsey believes that Africa will determine the future of the cryptocurrency industry.

According to Dorsey, despite the development and adoption of cryptocurrencies in Europe and America, it is Africa that will become the head of the industry. After his tour of Nigeria and Ghana, Dorsey said that the African continent is developing rapidly, but is still very poor and this will be one of the main reasons for the adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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Currency.com: Bitcoin could rise to $ 170,000 after halving the miners' reward

Bitcoin-could-rise-to-170000 Bitcoin could rise to $ 170,000 after halving the miners' reward

The most anticipated event of the cryptocurrency industry in 2020 is the halving of the Bitcoin miners award (halving). Many associate with him a new growth cycle of the cryptocurrency market.

In the traditional economic system, the Central Bank regulates the exchange rate of the national currency, which, if necessary, can saturate the economy with money or withdraw it from circulation. There are various tools for this: currency intervention, a quantitative easing program, raising or lowering interest rates on loans and deposits for commercial banks and other methods. They allow the Central Bank to contain or increase inflation and, in general, influence the economic situation in the country.

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The total number of crypto ATMs in the world has reached 6,000 devices

The-total-number-of-crypto-ATMs-in-the-world-has-reached-6000 The total number of crypto ATMs in the world has reached 6,000 devices

According to CoinATMRadar, the number of active crypto ATMs worldwide has exceeded 6,000 for the first time. Of these, three quarters of the devices are located in the United States and Canada.

According to recent data, there are currently 6,004 crypto ATMs installed in the world, more than 65% of which are located in the United States. In addition, 108 devices were installed this month, and data also shows that on average around 11 new crypto ATMs are installed daily in the world.

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John McAfee: the fight against crime is not the duty of cryptocurrency firms

John-McAfee-the-fight-against-crime John McAfee | American entrepreneur and cryptocurrency enthusiast

American entrepreneur and cryptocurrency enthusiast John McAfee believes that cryptocurrency firms are not required to prevent the use of crypto assets for crime.

Washington D.C.-based news agency The Hill reports that although McAfee himself is concerned about the use of cryptocurrencies in illegal activities, he believes that cryptocurrency exchanges and companies should not monitor suspicious activity. 

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Binance Exchange will add support for all 180 fiat currencies of the World

Binance-Exchange-will-support-for-all-180-fiat-currencies Binance Exchange will add support for all 180 fiat currencies of the world

According to the director of cryptocurrency exchange Binance, Changpeng Zhao, the platform plans to add support for all 180 fiat currencies of the World.

According to Zhao, Binance intends to provide customers with "direct access to the great liquidity" available on the exchange. This statement discloses the exchange's plans for cooperation with third-party services to add as many trading pairs with fiat currencies as possible.

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Joseph Lubin: We want Ethereum to interact with China’s state cryptocurrency

Joseph-Lubin-Ethereum-to-interact-with-Chinas-state-cryptocurrency Joseph Lubin | Ethereum co-founder and CEO of Consensys

Ethereum co-founder and CEO of Consensys Joseph Lubin hopes that China's state-owned cryptocurrency will be compatible with open blockchains, including Ethereum.

Lubin expressed his opinion during an interview with Forbes, published on November 9. 

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Charlie Shrem: how 5-10 Bitcoins will change your life in 20 years

Charlie-Shrem-5-10-Bitcoins-will-change-your-life Charlie Shrem | Bitcoin enthusiast

Now a little more than 18 million Bitcoins have been mined, and the maximum number of BTC cannot exceed 21 million. Bitcoin enthusiast Charlie Shrem believes that in a few years even 5 BTC will be able to change the life of their owner.

Of course, 5-10 Bitcoins is from 45 to 90 thousand dollars at the current exchange rate, and not everyone can afford such money. However, on the other hand, even 1 BTC, in the case of multiple growth, can change the life of the owner.

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Erdogan: Turkey will finish testing the digital lira in 2020

Erdogan-Turkey-will-finish-testing-the-digital-lyre-in-2020 Recep Tayyip Erdogan | Turkish President

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the government will finish testing digital currency from the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey in 2020.

The Turkish Central Bank plans to release a digital lira in accordance with the annual presidential program at the end of next year. Along with the launch of its own cryptocurrency, the government is going to begin developing a special platform for making instant payments with a digital lira. The Turkish Council for Scientific and Technical Research (TUBITAK) will also work on the project.

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Samson Mow: The hostility of regulators towards Bitcoin can hit them themselves

Samson-Mow-hostility-of-regulators-towards-Bitcoin Samson Mow | Blockstream Chief Strategy Officer

Blockstream Chief Strategy Officer, Samson Mow, believes that regulators' hostility towards Bitcoin could be a "double-edged sword" for the organizations themselves.

Mow said that bitcoin really solves a large number of problems of the traditional financial industry, for example, inflation. In his opinion, the countries of the world will have to accept cryptocurrencies because of their advantages, and the hostility of regulators towards Bitcoin can destroy the credibility of them.

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