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Liliana Reasor: ICO industry can democratize capital globally


ICOs will positively disrupt existing and legacy finance structures and processes, believes Liliana Reasor, Founder & CEO at SupraFin.

Liliana Reasor is an entrepreneur as well as a fintech and ICO expert. She will be a speaker at the Blockchain International Show London, a global large-scale event dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, which will take place on June 6-7. At the conference, Liliana will deliver a presentation "The ICO & Blockchain Industries Disrupting the Equity Capital Markets Industry." In the interview, the expert discussed venture investments and initial coin offering campaigns, and explained her company's view on ICOs.

Interviewer: Blockchain International Show London (BSL)

Speaker: Liliana Reasor, founder & CEO at SupraFin (LR)

BSL: Liliana, you are engaged in a blockchain company and venture investments. Do you think venture investments will keep their value in years to come or will be replaced by ICO campaigns?

LR: I am actually currently only involved in my blockchain company SupraFin, the first global vetted token platform and Robo Advisor for ICOs. ICO is another way for companies to raise money but with a global reach (the global crowd). However, in addition to raising money, ICOs also allow companies to engage with their customers by offering them access to their products and services through their tokens issued during their ICOs. ICOs are an innovation in the finance industry and are in a relatively nascent phase; hence, this makes ICOs quite exiting. It's hard to tell what will happen to venture investments in their current form and how they will evolve and merge or be absorbed by some sort of ICO model. However, for sure, innovations that solve a big problem, like ICOs, will disrupt (in a positive way) existing and legacy finance structures and processes.

BSL: Your company, SupraFin, allows investors to buy tokens at the pre-ICO stage. Is there any selection of projects / startups presented on the platform? If so, tell us please about the key selection criteria.

LR: SupraFin has proprietary processes to vet startups, first by vetting teams to make sure they are who they say they are. Then we have several automated processes to assess the startup / company / project doing the ICO. Lastly, we also lever our global network of vetted global experts on the selection process.

Also, SupraFin goes beyond just selecting vetted startups on pre-ICO phase for the SupraFin platform. SupraFin will also help the SupraFin token holders manage their portfolio of company / startup tokens. Also, only those that hold the SupraFin tokens can access the exclusive benefits offered by the SupraFin platform. This is why SupraFin is not only a global vetted token platform but also a Global Robo advisor for the ICO industry.

BSL: Please tell us briefly about your presentation at BIS Show. Why this topic is relevant?

LR: My presentation is about how the nascent ICO industry could disrupt the finance industry and in particular the equity industry. I will discuss the dated structures and processes associated with venture capital and the equity capital markets industry and how the rigidity of the finance industry has encouraged capital to flow to only certain cities. I will discuss how the ICO industry can democratize capital globally and level the playing field for startups and companies from anywhere in the world. I will examine the evolution of the IPO industry as a parallel to the ICO industry, from innovation to maturity.

My topic of presentation is relevant because ICOs are an innovation in the finance industry that could disrupt in a positive way the entire equity industry ($ 80 trillion market cap). Also, ICOs are a great example of the power of the blockchain to potentially transform business and society.

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Source: bisshow.com

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