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ICO, also known as the initial token offering, creates new millionaires around the world: in Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and both Americas. There are several actions that you have to perform for critical analysis of ICO before investing. Here are some practical steps for ICO analysis.

What problem does the project try to solve?

ICO should not be created on the principle of "JUST FOR FUN!!! "- must be a problem that the creators intend to solve. It can be:

  • Providing services on cybersecurity;
  • Improvement of investment in real estate;
  • Assistance to patients in access to quality health services;
  • Crypto-currency storage;
  • Creating jobs on the Internet;
  • ... or any other real problem to solve.

ICO, which is not aimed at solving problems, should raise suspicions about potential fraud. Avoid such projects at all costs.

To do this, it does not hurt to understand the use of blocking technology in solving problems that care for the creators. Do they use etherium-blocking? If not, what exactly?

The last thing, but an important thing for analysis, is competition. Do they have competitors that have already firmly established themselves in the industry? Is there a chance to compete with these competitors for a place in the sun?

For example, if the developers of the project are going to launch ICO, which intends to solve the same problem as Bitcoin, do they have at least the slightest chance to survive in the battle with the most common crypto currency? If there are no intelligible opportunities, this ICO should not be invested.

Is there a real product?

A couple more questions to ponder: at what stage is the development? And what does the road map look like? If the growth process is not very pronounced, and the steps taken to achieve the desired goal are not well understood, one must be wary.

Does the project include the creation of a real product? Does he have a "white book"? If you mention a product, you need to find out if it needs people and whether demand will increase in the future. Also, remember that the product should have distinct advantages over its competitors. First and foremost, this relates to the expectations of people and the ability to solve problems. If it does not meet such simple requirements, it is unlikely that it will be possible to reach a stage where large amounts can be earned.

The standing product should stand out in terms of brand and packaging, ease of use, compliance with consumer expectations, filling a niche, improving existing solutions, accessibility, quality, and so on. If it is absolutely no different from the others, avoid it like the plague.

How much money is planned to collect? What is the amount justified?

ICO is always aimed at a certain amount of money. Therefore, if you want to invest in ICO, it does not hurt to find out how much you have to pay for each token and how much the company plans to help out at the crowdsdale. If tokens are overvalued, the investor's chances of earning a real income are reduced. Almost no tokens are sold that are more expensive than a dollar apiece.

The minimum amount of investment in ICO is the next thing you need to know. If it is too high, as well as the total amount to be raised, then we need to find out what caused this decision.

In addition, fundraisers must clearly understand what they will do with the money received. If they can not really explain this, then there is a possibility that the grieving creators are going to take money off people and get out with them in the sunset. This is definitely a bad sign. The word "transparency" should be met at every step when launching ICO or other projects in which people's money is attracted.

What token will be issued? How are they going to distribute it?

It is important to know how many tokens will be sold during the ICO and how many of them will fall into the hands of team members. If the second figure exceeds 50%, this should be treated with suspicion. This is a sign of the greed of the team, which can become a big problem for those investing in similar projects.

It still does not hurt to clarify the platform to run. Understand what it will be: Bitcoin, Ethereum (smart contracts), Waves or something else. So it will be easier to understand what to expect from the project.

How strong is the team?

The quality of the selection of the ICO team is one of the most important factors determining all further development of the project and the quality of its organization.

The experience of the participants is of great importance. This applies to previous developments and places of work. Another should be reviewed people who are members of the advisory council, and whether there is an escrow service (escrow). If the ICO staff do not have good recommendations, be cautious in dealing with such a project.

Was the media hype around this project?
One of the precursors of ICO's great success is the increased media attention and the recognition of the project. Are certain people or large communities responding well? This shows at least how popular it is. The trust of many people and their willingness to invest also give a "green light".

What is in the white paper of the project?

It is very important to study the "white paper" in sufficient detail. Unfortunately, many investors do not find for this time, although it is there that everything you need to know about a particular ICO is located. Compare the content of the "white book" and what you found in other sources. Then ask yourself: what value does this project bring to the world?

If there is no clear answer, you should find something else.

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