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Chainalysis research: 376 people own 33% of all ETH

Chainalysis-376-people-own-33-of-all-ETH Chainalysis research: 376 people own 33% of all ETH

According to the Chainalysis study, a third of all ethers in circulation belong to only 376 people.

The study showed that despite the control of a significant part of ETH, these "whales" accounted for only 7% of all Ethereum transactions. Chainalysis concluded that, although these people do not necessarily have a significant impact on the price of ETH, they contribute to market volatility when large sales are made.

At the same time, the latest data can be considered as an improvement compared to 2016, when whales owned 47% of all ETHs. According to the team's report, about 60% of "whales" keep their assets and do not regularly trade on exchanges. Analysis of activity from 2016 to 2019 also showed that the price of the air, as a rule, changes due to changes in the price of BTC.

" On average, a 1% increase in bitcoin prices yesterday leads to a 1.1% increase in ether prices today. " 

researchers added

In general, the analytical company believes that concerns about the influence of "whales" on market prices may be overestimated.

Last month, another firm's survey showed that Bitcoin accounts for 95% of crimes related to cryptocurrency. In addition, Chainalysis recently added support for four new cryptocurrencies to its AML tool.


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