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  • Arthur Hayes: If the yen weakens, the price of Bitcoin will rise to $1 million
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Arthur Hayes: If the yen weakens, the price of Bitcoin will rise to $1 million

Arthur Hayes - If the yen weakens, the price of Bitcoin will rise to $1 million Arthur Hayes - co-founder of the BitMEX

Arthur Hayes Predicts Bitcoin Surge to $1 Million Amid Yen Weakness

Arthur Hayes, co-founder of the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange, asserts that Bitcoin has evolved into a global asset, its value swayed by international political and macroeconomic factors alongside other fiat currencies. In his recent analytical review, "The Easy Button," Hayes highlighted that any measures taken in response to the yen's current weakness will lead to further depreciation of the US dollar, consequently driving up Bitcoin price.

Impact of Yen Weakness on Bitcoin

Hayes posits that the weakening yen will channel significant inflows into the Bitcoin market, potentially pushing its price to $1 million or beyond. He argues that the yen's depreciation will prompt the Chinese authorities to devalue the yuan to maintain the competitiveness of their exports. This devaluation would place US manufacturing firms in a challenging position, compelling them to relocate their operations to other countries.

Federal Reserve's Potential Response

According to Hayes, the US Federal Reserve System (FRS) might start exchanging printed dollars for yen. The Bank of Japan could then use these funds to intervene in the foreign exchange market to prevent a sharp decline in the yen's value. Hayes cautions that if the Fed mishandles this situation, the dollar's dominance as the world's reserve currency could be jeopardized.

Institutional Investors and Bitcoin ETFs

In such a scenario, institutional investors would likely begin purchasing shares of US-listed spot Bitcoin ETFs. Bitcoin would then emerge as the top-performing asset amid the depreciation of global fiat currencies. Hayes has previously suggested that the upcoming months will be highly favorable for cryptocurrency investments, predicting a significant market surge in the fall.


Arthur Hayes' analysis underscores the intricate interplay between global currencies and Bitcoin's valuation. As the yen weakens, the potential ripple effects on the yuan and the US dollar could create a fertile ground for Bitcoin's price to soar, making it a prime asset for investors navigating the complexities of the global financial landscape.

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