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In this world of online marketplaces we are living in, the need for a fair online marketplace has never been this high. There is no power balance betw
Website: link
Whitepaper: link
ICO Start: 2017-08-04
ICO End: 2017-10-15
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ALIS is a social media platform which provides our customers with reliable information from experts in no time. We were inspired by STEEM
Website: link
Whitepaper: link
ICO Start: 2017-09-01
ICO End: 2017-09-29
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We are proud to introduce the first ever sand quarry project funded through raising cryptocurrency via creating a cryptocurrency token for mining...
Website: link
Whitepaper: link
ICO Start: 2017-09-18
ICO End: 2017-10-13
5.00 (1 ICO reviews)
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