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TokenRoll ICO

ICO TokenRoll Description:

ICO Description

TokenRoll solves the main issues of the both centralized online casino and decentralized online casino industry by building a decentralized protocol that every online gambler can access without having to interact with blockchain at all. The native token of the protocol, TKR, will help fund the project and the bankroll through the token sale. TKR tokens will be bought back automatically by each game’s bankroll through the internal exchange of the platform which will create steady demand.

The necessity of a decent decentralized gambling platform has initiated the first step for the development of TokenRoll project which now turned into a comprehensive online platform offering outstanding features. TokenRoll Platform is a direct result of collaborative working that is to eliminate the old habits of centralized platforms while preventing any risk of technical confusion on the user side. Backed by the blockchain technology, participants will be distributing information and power evenly without the need for a central authority. Nevertheless, TokenRoll achieves to fulfill this goal without compromising the security requirements and the privacy of the user's personal information.

The TokenRoll Platform will be the interface for the TokenRoll Protocol. TokenRoll Protocol will completely be a decentralized gambling protocol running on Ethereum. The protocol will enable gamblers to bet on smart contracts using USDC. Gamblers won’t have to deal with blockchain using the platform. The TokenRoll platform will interact with the protocol on the backend and will offer a smooth smart contract run gambling experience to players.

The platform will generate fees from bets. 10% of every loss will go to TokenRoll platform as revenue. The revenue will be used to advertise TokenRoll platform and fund the continued development of the protocol as well as adding new games and features.


⭐ TokenRoll ICO details:

TokenRoll ICO ICO Details

TokenRoll ICO Start: 04 30 2019

TokenRoll ICO End: 05 30 2019

TokenRoll Symbol: TKR

TokenRoll Platform: TRON

TokenRoll Offering Type: ICO

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