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4.92 (4 ICO reviews)


TIPO Founders devoted ourselves to search for a new E-Commerce ecosystem with a single minded goal to solve above-mentioned problems.Looking around...
ICO Start: 2018-09-21
4.63 (3 ICO reviews)
miBoodle is a decentralised application enabling consumers all over the world to build a sustainable online income using tried and tested digital ...
ICO Start: 2018-08-22
ICO End: 2018-10-15
4.28 (2 ICO reviews)
Laborcrypto is an Ethereum based peer to peer freelance platform that connects freelancers with consumers for a very low financial burden while being
ICO Start: 2018-11-01
ICO End: 2019-03-30
4.87 (5 ICO reviews)
The Rateonium network was designed and developed over the last four years by experts from various economic sectors. As a result, decades of experience
ICO Start: 2018-08-25
ICO End: 2018-09-25
4.59 (5 ICO reviews)


PAYPERBLOCK is a blockchain-based freelancer platform for blockchain experts, which is owned and operated by Payperblock Ltd and is used to connect...
4.41 (3 ICO reviews)
BOONS is a robust and scalable marketplace with an integral implementation of high technologies like: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and ...
ICO Start: 2018-10-01
ICO End: 2018-12-21
4.69 (3 ICO reviews)


WeBuy On-Demand solution enables Buyers to chose when and why they can be reached by Sellers and whether or not they should be reached in the first...
ICO Start: 2019-01-07
ICO End: 2019-03-16
3.83 (2 ICO reviews)
Subaj is a decentralized platform and marketplace where different companies, retailers, merchants and service providers can participate for their mutu
ICO Start: 2018-06-18
ICO End: 2018-09-30
4.28 (2 ICO reviews)
Conterium is a platform created for buyers and sellers all over the world. With an easy to use online store builder, any seller is able to create ...
ICO Start: 2018-06-04
ICO End: 2018-09-30