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CryptoAdsNft ICO

ICO CryptoAdsNft Description:

ICO Description

Here, at Crypto Ads NFT, we strongly believe in marketing which pays off, which brings desired outcome whatever it is - brand promotion, users’ acquisition, traffic to website, etc. We believe in decentralized and zero cost marketing. We do that by bringing the revolutionary vision to the market, which is to get most out of each pixel in the computer screen. We do that by creating NFT (Non-Fungible-token) which is related to each pixel on the screen.


Here, at Crypto Ads NFT, we allow people to own pixels and promote their own business, to lease to others or just own it and sell later at much higher rate. We were inspired by simple idea of www.milliondollarhomepage.com, which was built 15 years ago, and still has enormously high traffic of 200’000 people each month. The problem is that the pixels are fixed and more than half of owners don’t benefit out of their asset and they cannot sell it. We change the status quo with our product which is going to be built on smart contracts and fully transferable.


The goal of CryptoAdsNft is to provide a place to promote Promote anything you desire e.g. Your own Youtube channel, Business website, etc. in a fully decentralized way. We will constantly scale this Ecosystem so it will bring interested third parties to the CryptoAdsNft platform. Everyone who tried to promote their websites, Youtube channels, products or services knows that finding best converting channel is what you always look for. Imagine a place where you can buy a space to promote your business and later sell that place for the same or higher price. It is a nowhere seen concept: you get a promotion service and later get your money back once you sell your space. Our unique vision, Tokenomics and the fast viral growth will bring residual benefits to the Ecosystem.

⭐ CryptoAdsNft ICO details:

CryptoAdsNft ICO ICO Details

CryptoAdsNft ICO Start: 09 15 2021

CryptoAdsNft ICO End: 10 31 2021

CryptoAdsNft Symbol: AdNft

CryptoAdsNft Platform: Binance Smart Chain

CryptoAdsNft PreICO Start: 2021-08-23

CryptoAdsNft PreICO End: 2021-09-14

CryptoAdsNft Private Sale Start: 2021-08-14

CryptoAdsNft Private Sale Finish: 2021-09-14

CryptoAdsNft Offering Type: ICO

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