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Crypto Commonwealth ICO

ICO Crypto Commonwealth Description:

ICO Description

Crypto Commonwealth is the first scientific publisher and asset manager on blockchain, devoted to innovating economic models in both fields, and maximizing contributor benefits with good token compensation. The token issuer, Commonwealth Foundation is a nonprofit Singapore CLG. It endeavors to endow value to new knowledge distribution, benefiting the COMMunity and the public.


The first innovative scientific publisher and asset manager on blockchain, Crypto Commonwealth offers all contributors to its ecosystem good compensation in COMM, the natural token. COMM is much more than an asset, and serves as the absolute, irreplaceable and undisputed right to participate in their global subscription, circulation and investment network.

COMM's professional team specialize in publishing, quant research and portfolio management of traditional and digital assets. Most of them are quantitative PhDs from renowned institutions including Harvard, MIT, Fermilab, Google, Cadence, Worldquant, TD Bank, ICO Bench, and ICO Holder. They are committed to developing and expanding the global payment network for COMM's subscription, circulation, and investment grid. And their main net will incubate, tokenize, fundraise for and commercialize successful trading strategies, publications & subprojects.


COMM is an ERC20 token, and as ETH stays up-to-date on the roadmap to solve the DCS Trilemma, they enjoy the benefits too.

The team is actively designing and developing their own mainnet, which absorbs major advantages of best crypto projects and will support text or file storage too. In the future, all issuance of new strategies, standalone and copyrighted materials such as books and publications will be based on the COMM mainnet. They invite distinguished portfolio managers to host their strategies with them. And they already own many good strategies across global instruments to tokenize. Moreover, they have several books scheduled for publication with the COMM ecosystem, and will invite excellent authors to publish their books or preprints, raise initial funds and prepare for massive dissemination. All these subprojects will be based on the COMM mainnet, or migrated to it eventually. The COMM ecosystem will support issuance of new tokens at ease, and incubate the best of them for fundraising and commercialization.

The fundraising of subprojects in COMM would start via smart contract even before the mainnet goes online. This may be the first step of their mainnet development.

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⭐ Crypto Commonwealth ICO details:

Crypto Commonwealth ICO ICO Details

Crypto Commonwealth ICO Start: 03 01 2020

Crypto Commonwealth ICO End: 03 31 2020

Crypto Commonwealth Symbol: COMM

Crypto Commonwealth Platform: Ethereum

Crypto Commonwealth PreICO Start: 2020-12-02

Crypto Commonwealth PreICO End: 2020-03-01

Crypto Commonwealth Private Sale Start: 2019-08-20

Crypto Commonwealth Private Sale Finish: 2019-12-02

Crypto Commonwealth Offering Type: ICO

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