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Стивен Пара: «Практическая ценность Биткойна восстановит его цену»

ICO-NEWS-практическое значение, из-Bitcoin-будет-восстановление-его-pric_20181216-090703_1 Стивен Пара | Генеральный директор BitPay

CEO of the cryptocurrency payment service BitPay Stephen Pair told in an interview with CNBC that the current value of Bitcoin is more related to the speculative component, and only a small part of it is of practical value. However, with his company he plans to change the situation.

"A great influence on the price is exerted by speculation, and the real practical significance of Bitcoin is only a small component of its price. BitPay focuses precisely on this issue - using the platform and providing products that will be valuable to our customers," said Pair.

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Майк Новограц: «Биткойн стал наркотиком, но все закончилось»

ICO-LINK-Bitcoin-стал-а-лекарственное средство, но-это закончилось Майк Новограц | Генеральный директор Galaxy Digital

In a conversation with Bloomberg, a cryptocurrency investor and CEO of Galaxy Digital, Mike Novogratz, compared Bitcoin with a drug, and the current market situation with a "methadone clinic".

During the interview, the journalist asked how the previous experience on Wall Street distinguishes Novogratz from the majority of representatives of the cryptocurrency community, who believe in cryptocurrency, as if this is a "new religion". The enthusiast stressed that although he believes in the technology behind cryptocurrencies, "when prices become ridiculous," he sells.

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Бобби Ли: цена Биткойна не упадет ниже $ 2,500

ICO-LINK-The-цена-оф-Bitcoin-воля не осень-ниже - 2500 Бобби Ли | BTCC соучредитель

BTCC co-founder Bobby Lee predicts that the price of Bitcoin could fall to $ 2,500 in January 2019. Many traders consider this figure too optimistic.

Against the background of an ongoing survey in social networks, in which almost 5,000 people took part, Lee, who is becoming more and more famous for his bullish price forecasts, said that "a large number of purchase and support orders" will help Bitcoin to keep up $ 2000.

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Марк Юшко: значение биткойна возрастет 20 раз

ICO-LINK-Bitcoin-стоимость будет вырастали-20-раз Марк Юшко | Руководитель Morgan Creek Digital

The head of Morgan Creek Digital cryptocurrency investment company, Mark Yusko does not lose confidence in the bright future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In an interview on CNBC, he stressed his confidence that over the course of 10 years the price of Bitcoin will rise 20 times.

On the Fast Money program, Yusko admitted that he was wrong about the impact of futures on the price of Bitcoin. Previously, he believed that since the calculation of futures is in fiat money, they are not able to put pressure on Bitcoin.

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Роджер Вер поддерживает позитивное отношение к криптоконверсии

ICO-LINK-Роже-Ver-положительное отношение, в направлении, cryptocurrencies Роджер Вер | Владелец Bitcoin.com

Despite the continuing decline in the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin enthusiast and owner of Bitcoin.com Roger Ver in an interview with "Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe" confirmed a positive mood for the future of cryptocurrencies.

"Nobody knows, and I think that's the interesting thing about cryptocurrencies. Nobody knows whether it's going up, down or sideways," Ver said.

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Джим Брейер: криптотерминалы готовы перейти в фазу «ядерной зимы»

ICO-НОВОСТИ-cryptocurrencies-это готовый к въезду в-заместитель ядерной зимы Джим Брейер | Знаменитый миллиардер-инвестор

At the 2018 Global Tech Forum held in China, the famous billionaire investor Jim Breyer made a negative statement for cryptocurrency investors.

Despite the long decline in cryptocurrency quotes, he still has high hopes for the blockchain business, but he expects the near future will be the worst time for investors.

"We are close to a nuclear winter right now with cryptocurrency," said Breyer, who is famous for investing in popular cryptocurrency projects: Circle, Ethereum, VeChain and High Fidelity.

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Министерство национальной безопасности США намерено отслеживать криптовалютные транзакции

ICO-NEWS-США-это-происходит-к-трек-криптовалюта-транзакций Кирстейн Нильсен | Секретарь Национальной Безопасности

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is investigating the possibility of tracking cryptocurrency-oriented transactions.

A preliminary tender document published by representatives of the DHS Small Business Innovation Research Program discusses the possibility of using cryptocurrency transactions. Although the document emphasizes the possibility of using cryptocurrencies at both commercial and state levels, special attention is paid to analyzing anonymous cryptocurrencies that are used by criminals.

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Глава финансового регулятора Пекина: «продажа жетонов безопасности является незаконной»

ICO-NEWS-The-продажа-оф-безопасности-токенов-это-незаконны Huo Xuewen | Руководитель Пекинского муниципального финансового бюро

Huo Xuewen, head of the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau, warned the company about the illegal sale of security tokens (STOs).

At a recent fund management forum organized by the bureau on Saturday, Huo said that fundraising activities through the STO are "illegal", at least in Beijing.

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Макс Кейзер: «Биткойн, как золото и деньги, - это« риск »,

ICO-NEWS-Bitcoin-это-риск-оф-актив Макс Кейзер | Основатель Heisenberg Capital Ltd

Known cryptocurrency investor and founder of Heisenberg Capital Ltd. Max Keiser said that in the future, the price of Bitcoin will only grow, and, reaching $ 100,000 will absorb the usual fiat money.

He also expressed the opinion of the "genius" of the Bitcoin protocol, stating that "more you understand" how it works, "more clarity you achieve."

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