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TRONADZ - The Future of Blockchain Advertising


With the current market of world's economy, the importance of decentralization is massive, and there comes the adoption of Smart Contract Technology, which not only is interrupting the traditional payment routes but is doing it in grand style! Following the program code, Smart contract allows for the distribution of digital assets. All transactions are done in a decentralized manner using the popular Tron native token. 

In a bid to allow content publishers and advertisers to leverage the smart contract to advertise their works or content with ease, the team behind TRONADZ is pleased to announce its product offerings. At its very core, TRONADZ is the world's leading advertising platform where advertisers can place their ads and be rewarded. The team is also happy to inform the general public that the smart contract was approved by CyberCrime Shield, a New York-based firm. The approval certificate is displayed on their official website for all to see.

As a user of TRONADZ, purchasing advert credits to place your ads entitles you to a daily 1% bonus of your initial deposit.

Types of Income You Can Earned On The TRONADZ Platform

Below are the 4 types of income you can earn investing in the TRONADZ project:

●1% every 24 hours: Here you will earn %1 of your invested amount every day. For instance, if you invest $100, you will earn $1 daily.

●Referral Commission: If you refer your friends of family members to also invest in TRONADZ, you would earn a commission. The commission is paid in Tron directly to your wallet via the smart contract technology.

●Top Sponsor Pool: As a top sponsor on the TRONADZ Platform, your name would be listed on the top sponsor pool for the public to see.

●Matching Bonus: TRONADZ rewards investors with Matching Bonus for remaining committed to the project.

What Do I Stand To Benefits from TRONADZ

The following are some of the reasons to invest in this decentralized advertising platform:

●Zero risk: With the aid of Smart Contract, the team behind TRONADZ ensures that you're not exposed to any risk of any sort. Your Investing capital is 100% safe.

●Immutability: TRONADZ uses an automated peer to peer commission system to guarantee smooth payment between users of the TRONADZ community.

●100% Online: There are no paperworks. Everything is done online - from registration, investing to transferring funds between members. Plus, there are no hidden fees.

●Instant Transaction: All transactions on the TRONADZ are without delays. Profits are distributed to investors into their personal wallet.

●Decentralized: TRONADZ is a highly decentralized project. This means there are no middlemen, managers, or administrators. All investors have equal access and rights to the platform.

●Transparency: All transactions done on the TRONADZ network are transparent for every member to see.


TRONADZ is the world's first smart contract-powered advertising platform where content publishers and advertisers can advertise their content to reach their audience. TRONADZ's users can keep track of the ads via the blockchain.

TRONADZ parades a team of professionals who understand the dynamics of the smart contract and how to use it to benefit mankind. By purchasing AdCredits, you would be rewarded with 1% of your initial deposit on a daily basis. Your maximum earnings will not exceed 300% of the fund.

Media Contacts

Further information at: http://www.tron-adz.com

Support Contact: press@tron-adz.com

Media contact

Company: TronAdz.ltd

Contact: James Cameron

Telegram: https://t.me/tronadz_official

Instagram: https://instagram.com/tronadz

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC59jpdIaVbb55iiVY9pc6Gg/featured 

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