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Ran NeuNer: “I’ve never seen a bubble pop twice!”

1-Ran-NeuNer-never-seen-a-bubble-pop-twice Ran NeuNer | Host of the Crypto Trader program on CNBC

Throughout the existence of Bitcoin, it was repeatedly called a bubble. This was also the case in the period of super-fast growth in 2017, when many economists claimed that the bubble would pop soon.

However, according to Ran NeuNer, the host of the Crypto Trader program on CNBC, not one bubble can pop twice.

Last year, many news agencies wrote that the fall of Bitcoin by more than 80% is a clear sign of a bubble ready to burst. At the same time, Bloomberg analysts admitted that Bitcoin is not like other bubbles. The rapid growth and decline caused by the irrational behavior of new, low-informed investors.

Now, when the situation began to change and Bitcoin again began to climb confidently, NeuNer said on his Twitter page:

 "I can't respect any publication that is still calling Bitcoin a bubble. Even if it was a bubble last year, I've never seen a bubble pop twice!"


NeuNer also hopes that now that cryptocurrencies have proven their worth, talk of their collapse will be outdated:  

"I would imagine two things by now; 1. Talk of Cryptocurrency collapse is a thing of the past. Not only is it here to stay but everyone knows this by now! 2. CNBC would be smarter in their selection of guests and articles."

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