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  • Quinn Thompson: I know what Bitcoin and Ethereum will cost in November
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Quinn Thompson: I know what Bitcoin and Ethereum will cost in November

Quinn Thompson Bitcoin and Ethereum in November Quinn Thompson - CEO of Lekister Capital

Predicting Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Amid US Election and Economic Shifts

As the US presidential election draws near, experts in finance forecast substantial shifts in cryptocurrency valuations. Quinn Thompson, CEO of Lekister Capital, champions this outlook, suggesting a meteoric rise in Bitcoin and Ethereum prices. By November, Thompson anticipates Bitcoin breaking the $100,000 barrier and Ethereum reaching an impressive $7,000.

Key Factors Fueling Crypto Optimism

Several crucial developments are set to ignite this predicted price surge. Presidential elections typically introduce market uncertainty and speculation, potentially driving investors toward decentralized assets such as cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, increased liquidity, prompted by the US Federal Reserve's maneuvers, may further energize the market. The expected debut of spot exchange-trayed funds (ETFs) for Ethereum offers investors structured investment avenues, enhancing Ethereum's attractiveness.

The impending initial public offering (IPO) of Circle, the operator behind the USDC stablecoin, also plays a critical role. This development is likely to foster trust and broaden digital currencies' acceptance in mainstream financial circles.

Additional Catalysts for Growth

The profitability of Bitcoin mining has been on the rise, signaling a bullish indicator for future price increases. Even with past market disruptions, such as the bankruptcy of the MtGox crypto exchange and the selling of confiscated bitcoins by German authorities, the market has adeptly mitigated these impacts.

Current Market Trends and Forward-Looking Sentiments

Despite a current bearish sentiment in the market, Thompson remains optimistic about a gradual positive shift. He envisions these developments, coupled with restored investor confidence, driving significant capital inflows in the near future. His sentiments are shared by other financial leaders like Michael Novogratz from Galaxy Digital, who projects Bitcoin will hit $100,000 by the end of 2024.

As we approach the end of the year, a dynamic interplay of electoral, economic, and sector-specific factors sets the stage for potentially substantial gains in the cryptocurrency sphere. Investors, with a keen eye on these developments, might witness significant appreciation in their digital asset portfolios driven by these influential factors. 

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