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Peter Schiff: Bitcoin can be worth millions of dollars

Peter Schiff - Bitcoin can be worth millions of dollars Peter Schiff - Financial expert

Bitcoin's Potential: A Hypothetical Surge to Unimaginable Heights

Financial expert and gold investment advocate Peter Schiff recently suggested a scenario in which Bitcoin value could reach millions of dollars if US public companies chose to invest heavily in it. Schiff, known for his criticism of Bitcoin, modeled a hypothetical situation where companies would liquidate their assets and invest the proceeds in Bitcoin.

The Scenario: Companies Liquidating Assets for Bitcoin

Schiff posed a provocative question: "What if publicly traded US companies sold 100% of their assets, ceased operations, laid off employees, and invested all their funds in Bitcoin? The first cryptocurrency would then be worth millions." This scenario, though extreme, illustrates the massive impact that large-scale corporate investment could have on Bitcoin value.

Schiff's Response to Public Reaction

When users pointed out that such a scenario would make everyone except Schiff himself rich, he countered that he too could profit, as he owns shares in oil companies. Schiff argued that if oil companies started investing in Bitcoin, their stock prices would also increase. This highlights a potential indirect benefit to traditional investors if major industries begin to embrace Bitcoin.

Historical Criticism and Skepticism

Peter Schiff has a long history of criticizing Bitcoin, urging investments in other assets and labeling Bitcoin a scam. His latest hypothetical scenario appears more as a thought experiment rather than an endorsement, yet it underscores the growing conversation around Bitcoin's potential value and its impact on traditional markets.

Market Predictions and Bullish Views

Earlier, Jack Mallers, CEO of the payment service Strike, predicted that Bitcoin could reach $250,000 and possibly rise to $1 million during the current bull rally. Mallers' bullish view contrasts with Schiff's typical skepticism, reflecting the diverse opinions within the financial community regarding Bitcoin future.

The Impact of Corporate Investment

Schiff's hypothetical scenario underscores a critical point: the influence of large-scale corporate investment on Bitcoin's value. If major companies were to invest significantly in Bitcoin, the demand could drive its price to unprecedented levels. While Schiff's scenario is unlikely, it serves as a thought-provoking exploration of Bitcoin's potential market dynamics.


Peter Schiff's hypothetical scenario, where US public companies invest their entire assets in Bitcoin, paints a picture of Bitcoin's potential to reach millions in value. Despite his skepticism and criticism, Schiff acknowledges the substantial impact corporate investment could have on the cryptocurrency market. This discussion adds to the ongoing debate about Bitcoin's future, highlighting both the opportunities and the controversies surrounding digital assets.

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