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  • Mike Belshe: Bitcoin will be worth at least $125,000 by the end of the year
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Mike Belshe: Bitcoin will be worth at least $125,000 by the end of the year

Mike Belshe - Bitcoin will be worth at least $125k by the end of the year Mike Belshe - CEO of the cryptocurrency custodial service BitGo

Bitcoin's Path to $125,000: Insights from BitGo CEO Mike Belshe

Mike Belshe, the CEO of the cryptocurrency custodial service BitGo, recently projected that Bitcoin value could soar to between $125,000 and $135,000 by the end of this year. During an interview with Kitco News, Belshe provided a compelling analysis, identifying several catalysts that could drive this substantial price increase.

The Influence of US National Debt on Bitcoin

A major factor underpinning Belshe's forecast is the escalating U.S. national debt. According to him, the macroeconomic environment continually validates Bitcoin value and stability. The unchecked rise in U.S. debt, which is no longer a topic of major public debate, mirrors conditions historically favorable to assets like gold. However, Belshe views Bitcoin as the "new generation gold," positing that it will benefit from these economic conditions similarly to traditional safe-haven assets.

Global Financial Dynamics and the Shift Away from the US Dollar

Another significant aspect of Belshe's argument involves the ongoing financial dynamics between the U.S. dollar and other global currencies. He notes an increasing trend where countries are moving away from dollar transactions in international trade, diminishing the dollar's role as the undisputed global reserve currency. This shift, according to Belshe, will likely boost the role of national currencies in global trade, particularly within BRICS nations.

The Role of U.S. Foreign Policy

Belshe also links the potential rise in Bitcoin value to U.S. foreign policy, particularly the use of the dollar in international sanctions. He argues that the ability of the U.S. to impose sanctions and control dollar transactions reveals inherent weaknesses in relying on the dollar. This scenario, coupled with the growing U.S. debt influenced by foreign policy decisions, presents a favorable backdrop for Bitcoin as a non-sovereign currency.

Market Sentiment and Predictions

Supporting Belshe's optimistic view, representatives from the Bitfinex exchange have also predicted that Bitcoin might reach $120,000 by the fourth quarter of the year. This consensus among leading crypto figures and platforms adds an extra layer of credibility to the expected bullish trend in Bitcoin market value.


As the year progresses, Bitcoin's trajectory will likely be influenced by a combination of economic, political, and market forces. While the predictions by Mike Belshe and others provide a bullish outlook, the evolving nature of global economics will play a crucial role in determining whether Bitcoin will indeed reach the heights forecasted. For investors and observers alike, the end of the year will be a critical period for witnessing how these factors interplay to affect the pioneering cryptocurrency.

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