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Cryptoffer – best crypto deals in one place

Cryptoffer is a crypto assets comparison platform, that provides free of charge premium class assistance to crypto users who are looking for the best crypto offers: DeFi loans, savings, and swapping. Cryptoffer helps you compare different crypto deals in just a few clicks. In one place.

The main benefits provided by Cryptoffer

Cryptoffer is the platform that connects both crypto service providers and crypto service users. Cryptoffer aims for all parties to benefit from the cooperation. Benefits crypto users:
  • §Time saving - Cryptoffer platform saves users time they would have spent inspecting DeFi lending, saving, and swapping platforms independently to get the best offers for crypto loans, savings, and swapping.
  • §Validation of service providers - Cryptoffer platform protects users because it will make efforts to validate saving, lending, and swapping merchants before listing them. This will shield users from widespread crypto frauds and scams.
  • §Free of charge service - Cryptoffer platform does not charge any fees for users further because only merchants are charged a commission for successful deals and transactions.
  • §Simple and easy to use solution - Cryptoffer makes it simple and easy for anyone to engage in crypto activities because everything is built for the user, and they only have to choose the best offer from the available options for their needs.
  • §24/7 client support – the platform offers 24/7 client support, important crypto market information and tips to the users.

Benefits crypto service providers

  • §Generating additional targeted traffic.
  • §Generating leads.
  • §Increasing sales.
  • §Free of charge advertising.

Cryptoffer's mission

Cryptoffer is dedicated to making crypto dealing affordable, simple, and favourable for everyone. DeFi swapping, saving, and borrowing are the main crypto activities that an everyday user is likely to require at some point. Cryptoffer platform will ensure that the users see all the available players and their offers to make an informed decision.

Cryptoffer aims to be a simple, transparent, and secure DeFi platform that offers crypto users an easy time comparing players associated with DeFi loans, saving, and swapping services. The platform is seeking to be an online mall - a one-stop shop for crypto users needing to borrow, save, or swap crypto by bringing all these services and their players under one platform. This is to allow the millions of crypto users globally to access credible DeFi loans, saving, and swapping services by being exposed to all the available offers in the market instantly.

The Cryptoffer platform will be available for crypto users at the beginning of 2023.

COF token presale starts on October 31

In the third quarter of this year, seed investors invested $120 000 into the Cryptoffer platform. Cryptoffer team believes that for the project to succeed, they must share their success with the community. Everyone who wants to contribute to Cryptoffer platform's development and benefit from it is welcome to join Cryptoffer's ICO and invest in COF tokens.

Cryptoffer token (COF) presale starts on October 31st and will last until November 14th. Join Cryptoffer presale campaign on https://cryptoffer.io.

During the presale campaign (Private Sale A round), the Cryptoffer token (COF) is available to buy for $0.004. In total, we will offer 180 000 000 COF tokens. The target for the Private Sale A round is to raise $720 000.

Special bonuses for Private sale A round investors:

- investment from $500 +5% COF tokens,

- investment from $1 000 +10% COF tokens,

- investment from $5 000 +20% COF tokens.

Dates of other rounds:

COF Private sale B round: November 21 – December 5

COF Public sale: December 12 - December 26

More details about Cryptofer COF campaign: 

20% profit dividends to COF investors

After the Cryptoffer platform starts its operations, all COF token holders will receive a commission – profit dividends of 20% of net fees paid to Cryptoffer by its partners monthly.

For example, if Cryptoffer's users take loans from Cryptoffer partners' $ 10M by cryptocurrencies in a month and partners' average net fee to Cryptoffer is 2.5%, allocated net earnings to COF holder will be 0,5%, i.e., token holders will be allocated $ 50 000 of commission earnings during that month. Allocated commissions will be distributed via a smart contract to holders of COF tokens.

More information https://cryptoffer.io

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