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Charlie Lee criticizes Bitcoin Cash for trying to be called "real" bitcoin


October 17, Bitcoin.com published a contradictory statement, which stated that it was Bitcoin Cash that should be called bitcoin. In response, leading industry experts, including the maker of lightcore, Charlie Lee (Charlie Lee), criticized such attempts. Bitcoin Cash was launched in early August from hard fork bitcoin, which supported several major mining pools, including ViaBTC and Bitmain. Since then, the support and demand for Bitcoin Cash has decreased significantly, which is noticeable in terms of the hash and market capitalization of the crypto currency.

At that time, even Bitmain, which first introduced Bitcoin Cash in July as Bitcoin ABC, was taken by surprise by ViaBTC's statement to support the hard fork in August. But in the past two months, Bitcoin Cash has not been able to get closer to the original bitcoin blockchain in all respects, for example, based on user base, hashed, market capitalization and developer activity.

In a statement Bitcoin.com says:

Based on the above comparisons between different versions of bitcoin, White Paper, and the years of common understanding that bitcoin has always been positioned as an electronic money system, the position of this site is that Bitcoin Cash is the version of bitcoin that most closely follows the original development. The position according to which Bitcoin Cash is bitcoin, based on its dedication to the development and set goal, for the achievement of which bitcoin was created.
Earlier this month, some of the largest platforms, stock exchanges and bitcoin-purses, including Coinbase and Bitfinex, announced that the future hard fork SegWit2x in November would not be considered "bitcoin" or "BTC", even if it beat beatcoin by a hasht. If in November 75% of the miners support the hard fork SegWit2x, there is a very high probability that SegWit2x will start with a higher hash ratio than bitcoin. But there is also a high probability that the miners will return to bitcoin after the first complexity adjustment, if the demand from the market, users and investors is not satisfied.

By this time, Bitcoin Cash did not even approach the competition with bitcoin in any of the indicators. Proceeding from this, the creator of the light-coat Charlie Lee stated:

Bitcoin.com is going to mislead a lot of newbies. This article is full of lies and old-fashioned views. No commission commissions have been found, which does not make unconfirmed transactions safe. Also confirmed transactions are irreversible even with SegWit. SegWit-signatures are not deleted from transactions. Just the structure of transaction data is different. It's just as safe. Moreover, every next line in this article is a lie and is misleading. This is a very strong blow to Bitcoin Core and SegWit. It's a shame.
As Lee explained, Bitcoin Cash is not bitcoin. Bitcoin is the original blockchain of bitcoin, which is now known as Bitcoin and BTC. Even after the implementation of SegWit2x in November, there is a high probability that the current version of bitcoin will remain the main chain, since the miners do not fix the value and market capitalization of bitcoin, users and investors do.

Lee further stressed that the final result is not important. It is immoral and unethical to intentionally confuse newcomers to the bitcoin market and crypto currency:

It's not about who wins. It is not good to confuse newcomers to bitcoin.

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