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  • Black Mamba brings a new era for meme coins to the market; it uses the first-ever decentralized multi-chain platform, Mamba Swap
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Black Mamba brings a new era for meme coins to the market; it uses the first-ever decentralized multi-chain platform, Mamba Swap

ICO-Black-Mamba Black Mamba

Mamba Swap uses atomic swaps to instantly swap one digital asset for another on a multichain system. Black Mamba is all set to bring in a new era for meme coins riding on the unique features of Mamba Swap, the first-ever decentralized multichain platform that uses atomic swaps to operate on any chain. 

Blockchain has become the most robust technology today, finding usage in almost every industry. Black Mamba will capitalize on this unique feature of Mamba Swap, thus making swaps between more than 10,000 tokens on several blockchains, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon, Fantom etc. a seamless experience.

The meme coin market presently includes manipulators and speculators; hence, it is of utmost importance to have an ecosystem that is trustworthy and secured – Black Mamba is committed to creating a single ecosystem that is simple, secure, and trusted.

The meme coin market has gained significant popularity in the last few years while remaining a volatile investment proposition. This segment is flooded with coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu's and desperately needs a new coin to shake things up by giving users something new and first-of-its-kind. Black Mamba is redefining the space with its community-driven approach, opportunity to customize, and offering benefits like no other meme coin in the market presently.

Some of the most impressive features of Black Mamba that make it stand out amongst other meme coins is its price stability by keeping a 30% dumping limit, a 90 days wallet locking period for Bounty and Airdrop users, and a 10% gas fee on buying and selling tokens (at DEx). In addition, an anti-whale mechanism where every wallet is only allowed to buy 2% from the circulating supply and a 4% liquidity succession on the buying & selling make this a highly anticipated launch. It gets even better; users get a chance to win tokens in Black Mamba's Airdrop program and giveaways.

Future Roadmap

Black Mamba is ready to rule the market by using Mambaswap's self-adaptive and highly scalable algorithms with the fundamental capacity to give high-end outcomes. Users also stand to receive prizes and benefits by staking in tokenization.

Users will need $BLMB to execute swaps across separate chains. BLMB is the Mambaswap protocol's governance token, so fees and internal accounting will be in BLMB.
Black Mamba users will soon be able to create significant revenue through its NFT marketplace, which aims to provide the smoothest experience to its users. It gets even better as Mambaverse comes into existence, where users will have their unique Black Mamba avatars.
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