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  • Anthony Pompliano: All assets, stocks and currencies will be digitized
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Anthony Pompliano: All assets, stocks and currencies will be digitized

Anthony Pompliano: All assets, stocks and currencies will be digitized Anthony Pompliano - founder of Morgan Creek Digital

Cryptocurrency enthusiast and founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets Anthony Pompliano expressed his opinion in an interview with Blockchain Reporter that over time all assets will become digital and then the golden age of cryptocurrency will begin.

Pompliano said that he first heard about Bitcoin while working on Facebook in 2014. However, he decided to enter the cryptocurrency industry only in 2016, when he studied the prospects of the technology and the possibilities of its application.

It is noteworthy that when asked about the most important lesson he learned as a trader, Pompliano had laughed and said: "I don't trade so the best lesson is - Don't trade if you're not a professional trader."

Then he was asked about the expectations from the introduction of blockchain technologies in everyday life and how it will affect the average person.

"My hope is that everyday people never interface with blockchain technology. The products and services that leverage the technology must be good enough to solve people's problems, without them ever realizing they are using new technology. The beauty of a great product is that it just magically works for the user, regardless of the underlying tech," Pompliano said.

The founder of Morgan Creek also stressed that at the moment he is investing in Bitcoin.

"It is hard to tell how Bitcoin and crypto will perform during a global financial crisis. It wouldn't surprise me if the decentralized assets continue to have little to no correlation to the legacy financial system though," Pompliano said when he was asked about investing in cryptocurrency during the financial crisis.

Pompliano said he sees only advantages in a bear market. According to him, this is "landing tourists". When asked about the "bottom of the market," he laughed, saying: "Timing market tops and bottoms is a fool's game in my opinion so I refrain from trying," so he will not be engaged in it.

Recall that the other day Pompliano called on pension funds, which are in poor condition, to invest in Bitcoin. In addition, he previously expressed confidence in the growth of Bitcoin in the long term, saying that the first cryptocurrency "exceeds stocks, bonds, currencies and commodity futures."

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