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ICO "CoTrader"

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"CoTrader" ICO Description

CoTrader aims to become the world’s largest investment funds and trading marketplace by democratizing, decentralizing, and disrupting the archaic and opaque $85 trillion global funds and trading industries with the transparency, security, and power of the blockchain. CoTrader’s MVP already supports cryptos and ICO futures, live and onchain on the testnet.

CoTrader solves the complexity problems of investing, starting with cryptos, ICOs and ICO presales. CoTrader therefore supports any tokenized assets such as real-estate, cars, etc, that other projects are tokenizing.

CoTrader will also support non tokenized assets via automatic tokenization of all tradable assets including stocks, options and other derivatives, while providing transparency, security and proof of ROI, powered by the blockchain.

CoTrader is building the world’s first truly decentralized platform that enables users to invest in and manage funds onchain. These funds, known as Smart Funds, are managed by fund managers who trade the fund assets on decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Successful fund managers receive a percentage of the profits they have made for their investors. Investors remain in control of their money and are able to deposit and withdraw from any fund at any time. 

Disrupting the $85 trillion opaque global investment funds industry with a transparent blockchain marketplace DAO on SuperDEX infrastructure.


"CoTrader" ICO Details

● ICO Start: September 26, 2018
● ICO Finish: October 31, 2018
● Symbol: COT
● Platform: Ethereum

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John Foss

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